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Promising new approach could reduce tummy fat

There are multiple gadgets on the market that claim to help reduce tummy fat, but many are not scientifically proven and leave consumers disappointed. Now, a new approach developed by scientists in Asia may provide hope for those who want to reduce bulging tummy fat. Scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have been here to read more

Exposure to violence has now been linked to obesity

A new study at Duke University has found higher rates of obesity in children exposed to violence. Obesity is a growing pandemic across the globe, particularly in developed countries such as the United States. More than 20 percent of teens in the U.S. fall into the accepted definition of obesity. In low-income households, rates of here to read more

Obesity in children linked to onset of hip diseases

Approximately one in 500 children is diagnosed with a hip deformity, and slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) is the most prevalent among them. SCFE causes limitations in the child’s ability to move, and they’re often unable to complete full hip rotations because of it. This condition can be extremely painful and requires surgical intervention 100 here to read more


Fatty liver and abdominal obesity independently linked to snacking on high-fat and high-sugar foods: Study

Fatty liver and abdominal obesity are independently linked to snacking on high-fat and high-sugar foods. Obesity is a growing problem, according to the World Health Organization, with over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women being obese worldwide. Lead author of the study Dr. Mireille Serlie said, “American children consume up to 27 percent here to read more

People with narcolepsy are prone to weight gain, often overweight

People with narcolepsy are prone to weight gain and are often overweight. Narcolepsy is characterized by excessive sleepiness, but the new findings suggest it can also increase weight gain. The findings further unveil that even if narcoleptics consume less than those without the condition, they are still prone to weight gain. The researchers found that here to read more

Obesity may be curbed by gradually reducing sugar content in beverages

Gradually curbing sugar levels in beverages could be an effective means in combating obesity according to new findings. Researchers calculated what would occur if sugar was reduced in common sugary beverages by 40 percent in the U.K. over the course of five years without replacing them with artificial sweeteners. They estimated that reducing sugar in here to read more