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Can You Save Your Posture?

Rounded shoulders and a hunched back might seem like they’re just part of the aging process, but they are not. And there is a good chance you can improve posture so you stand up taller, feel stronger, and have a lower risk for a potentially dangerous tumble. It’s probably a lot easier than you think here to read more


Measuring Blood Pressure in Both Arms May Improve Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis: Study

It’s been known for a while that high blood pressure is best detected by taking readings from both arms, but a recent study has provided evidence to suggest it may also help to diagnose hypertension and cardiovascular disease. The study showed that when diagnosing hypertension, using blood pressure measurements from both arms resulted in more here to read more

Virtual Chair Yoga Can Be a Feasible Option for Isolated Older Adults with Dementia

New research has shown that chair yoga may be a valuable exercise for older adults with dementia. Cognitive decline doesn’t just involve the mind, it can also deteriorate physical function, but this new study shows a unique way to keep seniors with dementia active. Chair yoga is a safe, effective, low-impact intervention that can be here to read more

How to Find the Right Walking Shoes

Walking is one of the best and most accessible ways to boost physical activity. It can help reduce blood pressure, build some lower body strength, and have benefits for your bones and brain. And although it is relatively low-risk, there are still some. Even if you walk as little as three times per week for here to read more