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Sleeping For Less Hours at Night Doubles the Risk of Clogged Leg Arteries: Study

If sleeping is difficult, you may be at a higher risk for clogged arteries. New research suggests that inadequate sleep could seriously affect your health by raising your risk of developing peripheral artery disease (PAD) by 74%. This serious condition is associated with cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attack. In this blog post, we’ll here to read more

New Study Shows Eating Less May Give More Life

A new study suggests the key to living longer could be eating less. Published in the journal Nature Aging, researchers found that restricting calories could have substantial benefits, including delayed aging. The study included 220 adults who either made a 25% calorie cut to their diet or made no changes at all. The Body Mass here to read more

Olive Oil is Beneficial to Prevent Alzheimer Disease & Lower Cholesterol: Study

As we age, reducing the risk for major illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease or high cholesterol may seem daunting, but simple dietary changes can have a profound effect. One pantry staple that acts as a preventative and curative powerhouse is olive oil. Recent studies have indicated its potential to reduce the risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease here to read more

Daily Steps to Keep Inflammation in Check

What do a mattress, toothbrush, salmon, and sneakers have in common? They may all be able to help you fight against chronic inflammation – a persistent state of immune system activity that’s linked to several health problems and risks. The more healthy habits you have, the better chance you’ll have at limiting inflammation and disease here to read more


Being More Flexible with People with Chronic Pain Promotes Their Mental Health: Study

Dealing with chronic pain can be incredibly challenging, and it may seem impossible to find ways for it not to impact your mental health. However, a recent study has suggested that being flexible when dealing with people suffering from chronic pain could be key to promoting their mental health. By making accommodations where possible to here to read more

Mindfulness May Help You Manage Blood Sugar

It’s become common knowledge that lifestyle interventions like exercise, a healthy diet, and quality sleep are important in helping people manage type-2 diabetes. Now there is emerging research suggesting that mind-body practices, like yoga, qigong, mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, and more, may also help manage the condition. An analysis of multiple studies published in the here to read more

Eating Banana Will Cure Gastroenteritis but Not Flat Lemonade: Study

Gastroenteritis can be painful and uncomfortable, leaving you feeling rundown and exhausted. But the good news is that natural remedies are available to help manage symptoms – including eating bananas! In this blog post, we’ll explore why bananas make a great snack for those dealing with gastroenteritis and possible risks and other tips for managing here to read more

Food Insecurity in Older Adults Accelerate Cognitive Decline: Study

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for helping to keep cognitive decline away. Unfortunately, many older adults experience food insecurity, which can greatly impact their cognitive abilities. Research has found that compared to older adults who are food secure, those who experience food insecurity show a more significant cognitive decline over time. Understanding the consequences here to read more