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Can You Have a Silent Stroke?

It might seem absurd to think that you can undergo a major health event and not even know it. But it’s possible, and it can put your life at risk. A statement by the American Stroke Association and the American Heart Association estimated that as many as a quarter of octogenarians – people between the here to read more

Mental Illness Could Not Only Be Messing With Your Mind, But Also Your Heart

Researchers from the University of South Australia have found another reason to pay more attention to mental illness. It seems it may be closely associated with heart health. Their new study published in Biomedical Engineering links mental illness and fluctuating blood pressure, leading to cardiovascular disease and organ damage. The study reviewed 12 studies on here to read more

Good Sleep May Fend Off Dementia

Good sleep comes with many benefits: it helps you feel refreshed, energized, and clear-headed during the day. It may also help defend against dementia and early death. A couple of studies from 2021 suggest that too little sleep may boost the risk for dementia and impact longevity. Although it’s long been understood that dementia can here to read more


Do Antidepressants Work?

Antidepressant medications are well-known and widely used. And now, new research suggests that they aren’t effective. At least in some regard. Researchers found that the millions of Americans taking antidepressant medication to treat their low moods experience little improvements in their quality of life. That means that it did not seem to matter whether a here to read more

Does “Good” Cholesterol Have an Effect on Alzheimer’s Risk

Cholesterol can play a significant role in heart health. But new data suggests it could be essential for your brain. A new study suggests that higher “good” cholesterol levels in the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord may help protect against Alzheimer’s. Researchers looked at high-density lipoprotein (HDL) concentrations – known as the “good” here to read more

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Are Believed to Increase Dementia

A new study published in the online journal Neurology has found that cardiovascular disease risk factors may increase the risk of dementia in older people. Cardiovascular disease risk factors include high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and smoking. Previous research has shown that cardiovascular disease risk factors play a role in the likelihood of developing cognitive here to read more

“Magic Mushrooms” May Boost Mental Health

Psilocybin, the active component in “magic mushrooms,” may help rewire the brains of people with depression to relieve symptoms. These substances, and others, have shown promise in treating several mental health disorders in recent years. A new study may begin to show how they work. One of the features of these drugs is that they here to read more