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Tips to Improve Focus and Memory

Some things happen when you get older; that’s just the way it is. A part of it can be a gradual change in memory and thinking skills. Sometimes it may take a bit longer to focus or pick up on new information. This slowdown doesn’t necessarily indicate anything serious but can be frustrating. The bottleneck here to read more

New Study Links Bone Loss to Dementia Risk

For some older adults, thinning bones could be an early warning sign of a thinning mind. A new study, featuring more than 3,600 adults, found that those with relatively low bone density were at higher risk of being diagnosed with dementia within the next decade. One-third of the participants with the lowest bone mass in here to read more

People with Hearing Loss and Not Using Hearing Aid Are in High Risk of Dementia: Study

Studies have found that people with hearing loss are at an increased risk for developing dementia later in life, but there is good news. Wearing and using a hearing aid may help reduce this risk. Today, we’ll explore the connection between hearing impairments and dementia to better understand how properly using a hearing aid can here to read more

Disturbed Sleep Patterns Among COVID Patients Linked to Breathlessness: Study

Recent studies have revealed that long COVID breathlessness and disturbed sleep may be inextricably linked, with research suggesting the two conditions are intertwined even in those who have recovered from their initial infection. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how disrupted sleep can exacerbate long-term COVID symptoms and offer tips on how to find here to read more


Natural Sleep Aids To Help Keep You Prescription Free

Everyone’s spent a night or two tossing, turning, and struggling to fall and stay asleep. But it can become a problem if it’s happening regularly. Poor sleep is associated with many conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and depression. Many turn to doctors for prescription drugs to help with their sleep woes, here to read more

Eating Handful of Blueberries Daily May Improve Brain Function and Lower Blood Pressure

According to recent studies, eating a handful of blueberries daily may help with improved brain function and lowering blood pressure. Increasing numbers of scientific studies are indicating that incorporating blueberries into your diet could be an easy way to make positive changes for your long-term health. In today’s post, we will go through the potential here to read more