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Bad Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Combo Associated with Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke

According to a new study, the combination of high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels can significantly increase your risk for a heart attack or stroke. While high blood pressure alone is dangerous enough in its own right, it makes the situation even more serious when coupled with bad cholesterol. Not only does this combination here to read more

New Study Links Gut Bacteria to Depression

You might feel depression in the brain, but it could begin, or at least be impacted by, your gut. There is plenty of research looking at how the microbiome, which is the population of microorganisms, or bacteria, that reside in your digestive system, can impact health. Trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms live in your here to read more

The Snow-Covered Landscape Can Be Good for You

You may look outside at the snow-covered landscape and decide you’re good right where you are: indoors and warm. But you might be wrong. Plenty of research shows that spending time in green spaces or by the ocean can benefit physical and psychological health. But now there is data to suggest that snowy environments offer here to read more

Commonly Used Sweetener Found Linked to Anxiety: Study

Aspartame, the commonly used artificial sweetener found in countless food and beverage products, has been linked to significant mental health impacts, including anxiety. Many of us have grown up with it being part of our diets, but recent research has connected its consumption to mental health issues. Our casual choice to enjoy sugar-free drinks or here to read more

Older Adults Participating in Group Exercise May Boost Physical, Mental Health: Study

As we age, exercise is essential to our physical health and mental health. This can be especially important for older adults, as engaging in physical activity has been linked to increased emotional stability, improved focus and memory recall, better cardiovascular health, and even lowered risk for chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes. But obtaining those here to read more