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Older Adults with High Dietary Intake Have Lower Brain Iron Concentration and Better Cognition

New research conducted at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine suggests that older adults with a higher intake of certain nutrients in a diet may have lower brain iron concentration and better cognition. This study highlights the important balance of non-heme iron for optimal brain function. Previous research has found that excess levels of here to read more

Those Who Exercise Have an Almost 60% Lower Risk of Developing Anxiety Disorders

Those who suffer from anxiety may find relief in daily exercise. According to a new study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, people who regularly participate in physical activity have a significantly lower risk of developing anxiety compared to those who do not exercise. Many lifestyle changes can help with anxiety, but exercise consistently seems to here to read more


Make These Changes to Your Diet to Live Healthier

Simple changes to a daily diet could make a big difference in overall health. A new study published in the journal Nature Food suggests that certain foods can create net beneficial or detrimental health burdens, which could ultimately lead to time taken off of life. The study evaluated more than 5,800 foods, ranking them by here to read more

Lifestyle Choices Including Diet, Exercise, and Sleep Patterns Play a Role in Heart Health

Many studies have shown that heart health can depend a lot on diet, exercise and sleep patterns. Although research has shown the beneficial interaction between the brain, lifestyle, and cardiovascular health, what is not known is how exactly these factors affect other bodily functions. Genetics do play an important role in cardiovascular health. Still, as here to read more

Study States That Diet Rich in Sugar and Fat Contributes to Skin & Joint Inflammation

New research shows that switching from a Western diet to a balanced diet could help you reduce skin and joint inflammation. The study led by UC Davis Health researchers states that the reduction may be due to a better-balanced gut microbial culture. Published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, the study suggests that cutting out here to read more

Tips to Help You Get the Most from Exercise

Are you really getting the most from your exercise? The truth is that if you’re dedicating time to move every day, you’re already doing a good job. There is so much information out there about optimal conditions, timing, and the like. But it comes down to your personal preferences and goals. Some people may be here to read more

Simple Strength Training Tips

Most people have never lifted weights. You might be one of them. But here’s some advice: you should start. Muscle tissue, bone density, strength, and power all decline with age. You might not have felt the effects much in your 40s and 50s, but there is a good chance you’ll start noticing it soon if here to read more

An Easy Way to Spruce up Your Diet

The pandemic has changed the way people eat. Early on, some utilized their increased at-home time to make elaborate meals and things they’d never tried before. Others got deeper into the rut. The truth is that cooking can be challenging and daunting. You have enough to do during the day—do you have the time and here to read more

Burden of Pandemic Has Made Mental Health a Barrier to Physical Activity

Mental health has become the focus of many reports during the coronavirus pandemic. New research from McMaster University suggests that the pandemic has created an unusual situation where mental health has impacted physical activity. It has created a situation for many people, either being a motivator or a barrier to physical activity. Most people want here to read more

Regular Exercise and Following Healthy Diet in Midlife Can Help Avoid Serious Disease Later

To avoid disease later in life, regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential. According to new research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, following a simple healthy lifestyle can be the key for middle-aged adults achieving optimal cardiometabolic health later in life. Cardiometabolic health risk factors are most noted for including here to read more