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Consuming Multiple Cups of Coffee Each Day Associated with Increased Risk of Heart Attack among People with Hypertension

Did you know that drinking multiple cups of coffee a day could increase the risk of heart attack in people with hypertension? Drinking large amounts of coffee has been linked to many health benefits, ranging from improved cognitive function to a lower risk of certain diseases. But according to a new study published in the here to read more


Increased Levels of Loneliness May Lead To Premature Death for Those with Cardiovascular Disease

According to a recent study, loneliness, an increased sense of separation from others around us, has been linked to premature death in those living with cardiovascular disease. The research encompassed studies from around the world and sheds new light on the negative health impact of loneliness and those living with cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease (or here to read more

Bad Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Combo Associated with Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke

According to a new study, the combination of high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels can significantly increase your risk for a heart attack or stroke. While high blood pressure alone is dangerous enough in its own right, it makes the situation even more serious when coupled with bad cholesterol. Not only does this combination here to read more

It’s The Heart Attack Season…

Here’s a bit of a spin on “Happy Holidays,” the seasonal song by Andy Williams: sure, “it’s the holiday season,” but did you also know it’s also the heart attack season? Although the winter holidays are a great time to celebrate, share precious moments with family and friends, and even enjoy a little seasonal song here to read more

Study Finds Even Subtle Forms of Liver Disease Directly Impacts Heart Health

If you want to keep your heart healthy, it’s important to look beyond cholesterol and blood pressure levels—even subtle forms of liver disease can significantly impact heart health. According to a new study, even subtle forms of liver disease can have direct and lasting impacts on cardiac health. Through detailed research involving hundreds of participants, here to read more