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Winter sport in Finland - nordic walking. Senior woman and man hiking in cold forest. Active people outdoors. Scenic peaceful Finnish landscape.

Protecting Your Heart from the Elements

The winter can be hard on your heart. It’s not just the holidays or the cold dark temperatures. The pandemic certainly doesn’t help, but that’s not...

Doctor ultrasound knee test. Scan medical equipment. Diagnosis ultrasound foot. Varicose ankle exam tool.

Sitting to Maximize Vein Health

Maintaining healthy veins can be confusing. Are you standing too much? What about sitting? How do you get rid of varicose veins? Doesn’t healthy circulation require...

Fitness couple winter morning exercise at snowy mountain.

Winter Workouts for Heart Health

Winter is coming, and it’s unlikely to be like anything you’ve experienced. The COVID-19 pandemic will squash plans and the cold darkness will push people indoors....