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Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Are Believed to Increase Dementia

A new study published in the online journal Neurology has found that cardiovascular disease risk factors may increase the risk of dementia in older people. Cardiovascular disease risk factors include high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and smoking. Previous research has shown that cardiovascular disease risk factors play a role in the likelihood of developing cognitive here to read more

Adapting Seating Tai Chi Exercises Boosts Recovery among Stroke Survivors

Seated Tai Chi exercises can be an excellent form of movement for stroke survivors. According to a new study published in Stroke, stroke survivors who practiced the exercises had equal or greater improvement in hand and arm strength, balance control, shoulder range of motion, and reduced symptoms of depression. The American Heart Association recommends that here to read more

Try Eating More Avocado — It’s Good for Your Heart

Whether you’re spreading avocado on toast or dipping tortilla chips into it, you’re likely giving your heart health boost. New data suggests that avocado eaters are less likely to get cardiovascular or heart disease than non-eaters. However, it is important to consider that the results are observational and do not prove that avocado improves heart here to read more

Meal Timing, Diabetes, and Heart Health

Sometimes when it comes to good health, it’s not about what you eat but when. Your body may have optimal times to absorb and utilize calories, and ignoring them may lead to potential health troubles in some people. At least that’s the takeaway from a new study published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. here to read more


Food Insecurity and Yo-Yo Diets May Raise Risk of Heart Disease Later in Life

New information suggests that people who follow yo-yo diets or have food insecurities may have a higher risk of heart disease. Studies conducted are now offering potential insights into the long-term impact of food habits. One study presented at the American Physiological Society annual meeting set out to find the impact of weight-loss diets and here to read more

Is That Drink Really Helping Your Heart?

If you think that evening drink is good for your heart, you may want to rethink why you’re drinking. Let’s be straight: you do not have a glass of wine or a beer every night because you think it’s going to make your heart a little healthier. You’re having it because you like the taste here to read more

Hot Summer Nights Increase Risk of Death from Heart Disease in Men in Early 60s

The incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is rising globally, and new research is finding potential risk factors for this condition. A recent study published in the BMJ Open found that warmer than usual summer nights may lead to increased cardiovascular deaths in men in their early 60s. Previous research has only focused on the potential here to read more

Are Stroke Survivors Watching the Wrong Numbers?

Surviving a stroke is traumatic, and for many, life looks different after such a significant event. One of the changes could be to pay closer attention to “bad” cholesterol levels. However, a new study suggests that might not be the best strategy. It’s true that “bad” LDL cholesterol levels get the most attention when it here to read more

There Is A Strong Link Between Diabetes And Heart Disease: Study

Studies show that people with diabetes are at a higher risk for developing secondary conditions, with the incidence of heart disease being among the highest. Many conditions are common in people with diabetes, but cardiovascular disease is prevalent, with most people with type 2 diabetes eventually developing it. Cardiovascular disease is a broad term to here to read more

Be Careful When You Spring Forward

For many, “springing forward” can be exciting and offer a strong sense of relief. It means the sun will be shining a little longer into the evening and that summer is coming. But your body doesn’t share the same enthusiasm as your brain or emotions. Losing an hour of sleep is tough on your body here to read more