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New Study Suggests Meat Beefs up Mental Performance

Meatless Mondays, plant-based burgers, and vegetarian or vegan diets are big-time trends. And let’s face it, the more plants you eat, the healthier you will probably...

How These Nutrients Might Affect Dementia Risk

Some new research has established a close connection between dementia risk and few essential nutrients. The study identified that people with anemia—and even mild anemia—are at...

Dark Chocolate Found to Lower Symptoms of Depression

Those who suffer from depression may find that indulging in chocolate could help lower symptoms. A new UCL-lead study found that dark chocolate, specifically, may positively...

Fast-Acting Natural Nausea Remedies

There is really only one way to describe feeling nauseous: terrible. When it hits, it can turn your whole day upside down. The rolling wave-like sensation...