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Top Sicknesses in the Emergency Room

On any given year, there are approximately 136 million visits to the emergency room and 41 percent of the population will seek out emergency room treatment.  Although the ER often conjures up images of dramatic life or death situations such as bullet wounds or other bodily injuries, the majority of ER visits are not caused here to read more

The Odd Connection – Feet and Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis pertains to a chronic disease involving the immune system, in which joints undergo inflammation, thus causing pain and stiffness.  People with rheumatoid arthritis generally find difficulty in performing simple movements that involve the joints, such as walking, standing up, and sitting down. This condition has also affected individual performance at work or school, here to read more

The Side Effects of Calcium Supplements You Wouldn’t Expect

Calcium is an important mineral that is needed for the development of healthy bones and teeth; it is also essential to maintain proper muscle and nerve function. Because of the importance of calcium for maintaining a healthy body and preventing osteoporosis, calcium supplements are one of the most commonly used supplements in today’s society. However, here to read more

Diseases Most Common After Natural Disasters

Hurricane Sandy recently hit North America, putting millions of people to a loss in electricity and heat, high levels of freezing water, and damage to properties and homes.  To date, the effects of this natural disaster could still be felt, especially in the subways of New York City and power lines in Toronto.  The consequences here to read more


The Worst Natural Ingredients

You may hear the word “natural” and think that it must be healthy, after-all, it is “natural”.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.  Some ingredients are added to processed foods as well as vitamins and minerals as binders, colours, excipients, fillers, flavors and sweeteners.  Sometimes these natural ingredients can cause problems in the long run here to read more

Is it Too Late for Your Liver?

The liver is one of the major organs of the body that is responsible for the removal of toxins that may be present in the body.  Organ damage in the form of cirrhosis generally occurs when an individual is engaged in excessive alcohol consumption, mainly through the destruction of cells.  Every human being cannot survive here to read more

Causes of Body Odor You Don’t Expect

Controlling body odor is considered as one of the most important health tips because it reflects the capacity of an individual to maintain cleanliness.  Body odor may also indicate the presence of a medical condition that decreases a person’s ability to control physiologic activities that emit a body smell.  General health tips on living a here to read more

The Toxins in Clothing

Most fashion gurus agree that clothing is important to us because it is a vehicle for self-expression; it tells people something about us and what we like. The clothes we wear get people talking, but right now it’s not design that some style-watchers are focusing on, its content; fabric content. More people are asking the here to read more

Diseases That Aren’t Just for Older Folks…

Some painful afflictions that you associated with your parents or grandparents could strike you or your children much sooner than you thought possible. Cancer There are certain forms of cancer that young people are known to get such as lymphoma or leukemia, but both breast cancer and melanoma are forms of the disease that can here to read more

The Worst Places for Women’s Health

The well-being of American women continues to be a source of concern, especially following the release of recent data on the worst states for women’s health. No one sets out to damage their own health; however, it seems that in many cases a lack of understanding or a lack of services puts women in certain here to read more