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Crazy myth puts woman risk

Crazy myth puts woman’s life at risk

There are crazy health myths and trends that surface from time-to-time but these are not necessarily something you should try to take on your own to...

Working night shifts can impact your bladder

Working Night Shifts Can Impact Your Bladder

New research findings suggest that working night shifts could impact your bladder health. Night shift workers tend to report higher instances of bladder problems such as...

Causes and treatment of muscle twitches

Causes and Treatment of Muscle Twitches

At some point, you’ve experienced a muscle twitch. Maybe they’re infrequent, or perhaps you experience them on the regular, but should you be concerned? Muscle twitches...

Nitrates and your food

Nitrates and Your Food

Nitrates often get a bad reputation, but it’s important not to group all nitrates into the same category. As with many things in life, some nitrates...

15 tips to live to 100

15 Tips to Live to 100

Although we can’t live forever, many people are living to be 100. It is estimated that the number of people living to 100 will grow eightfold...

muscle cramping and blood flow

Improving Blood Flow Reduces Muscle Cramps

When a muscle cramp hits, it can be uncomfortable and sometimes even debilitating depending on how severe the cramp is. Muscle cramping can be temporary or...

fitness and longevity

These Factors Impact How Long You Will Live

Many factors play a role in a person’s longevity. Some of the most common ones are cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, and blood pressure status, but a recent...