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You Want to Be Happier? Try Making Less Choices

Where should we order dinner from? What kind of toothpaste do you want? Those may seem like simple questions until you start looking at all your options. They can be endless, and a simple and largely inconsequential decision can easily become a stressful and potentially regrettable decision. The paradox of choice is that the more here to read more

Find Room for More Fiber

One may argue that one of the biggest health problems in America may have a relatively simple fix. The problem is fiber intake; the solution is to eat more of it. Dietary fiber serves several functions. It’s well known that it plays an essential role in good digestion by softening and providing bulk to stool here to read more

Fall Prevention Techniques

If you’re 65 or older, you’re at risk for a potentially serious fall. People in this age cohort suffer a fall every second in the United States, and it’s their number one cause of injury-related death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 20 percent of falls in adults tend to here to read more


Stay Safe on the Slopes This Season

Many parts of the country are getting some snow, and while the general population may be fretting and planning to stay in, skiers and snowboarders are looking to hit the slopes. Although it’s enticing, you don’t really want to jump right off the chair lift and onto the slopes. Like any physical activity, skiing and here to read more

The Importance of Muscle Strength with Age

As people get older, their muscle mass shrinks and strength and power go down. This can result in reduced mobility and a higher risk of injury. The process also starts earlier than you might think. But you can slow it down with strength training. Age-related muscle mass is medically known as sarcopenia, comparable to osteopenia here to read more

Study Finds Good Hydration May Slow Down Aging

Do you know that hydration could hold the key to healthy aging? As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity, and wrinkles become more visible. But drinking water can actually help increase your body’s natural ability to reduce signs of aging and keep you feeling refreshed. While many people know that staying properly hydrated here to read more