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Sleeping For Less Hours at Night Doubles the Risk of Clogged Leg Arteries: Study

If sleeping is difficult, you may be at a higher risk for clogged arteries. New research suggests that inadequate sleep could seriously affect your health by raising your risk of developing peripheral artery disease (PAD) by 74%. This serious condition is associated with cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attack. In this blog post, we’ll here to read more

New Study Shows Eating Less May Give More Life

A new study suggests the key to living longer could be eating less. Published in the journal Nature Aging, researchers found that restricting calories could have substantial benefits, including delayed aging. The study included 220 adults who either made a 25% calorie cut to their diet or made no changes at all. The Body Mass here to read more

Another Reason to Address Sleep Apnea

If you repeatedly wake up feeling unrested or have a partner explaining how you’ve kept them up again with raucous snoring, it might be time to have your sleep assessed. Sleep apnea is a condition that can have some serious consequences. It is marked by breathing difficulties during sleep, which can lead to lower oxygen here to read more


Getting Fat? Watch Out for Frailty

If you’re carrying a few extra pounds across your waistline now, it could spell trouble later. New research suggests that body fat, particularly around the waist, could up the odds for frailty. The study, published in BMJ Open, found that obese people who’ve packed on pounds around their waist are more likely to develop symptoms here to read more

Researchers May Have Come Up with the Prescription for Prolonged Sitting

There is an ever-growing amount of research showing that prolonged sitting is bad for your health. Extended sitting has become a staple of modern-day life. It’s an essential job requirement for many, while it’s also paramount to travel time, leisure time, and even socializing. What’s even scarier is that its hazardous effects even impact people here to read more

Where to Start with a Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based diets, or at least the term plant-based diets, are all the rage these days. Although the style is nothing new, the terminology may be. Vegetarianism, veganism, the Mediterranean diet, and the DASH diet, after all, are all plant-based. Many people are turning towards plant-based diets to take advantage of potential health benefits. According to here to read more

Chronically Disrupted Sleep May Lead to Heart Disease Risk: Study

If you often find yourself struggling to sleep throughout the night, you may be at a higher risk for heart disease. Many adults have fallen victim to our society’s increasing inability to receive a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, emerging research is now linking this lack of quality sleep with serious long-term health concerns, particularly an here to read more