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fraction of dust charcoal in the woven basket

Watch Out for This “Detox” Trend

When I see products advertising activated charcoal, I can’t help but say, “really? still?” Activated charcoal has enjoyed a real moment for the past couple of...

Son is helping mother to prepare pumpkin pie. American family. Single mother. Household chores for kids.

Holiday Tastes for Vein Health

The holidays and healthy eating seem to be at odds with each other. But you can still enjoy the tastes of the season while improving vein...

Senior female sitting on a fitness ball and lifting dumbbells. Old woman exercising with weights at gym.

How to Work Strength Training into Your Routine

I get that you don’t want to start a strength training routine. It’s hard work, intimidating, and a young person’s game. It’s also one of the...

Meat appetizer platter with sausage, and Italian cold cuts. Above view on a slate serving board.

Does Meat Deserve Its Bad Reputation?

There’s been a real push for people to adopt plant-based diets in recent years. It’s for a good reason. Higher intake of plant foods is associated...

Physiotherapist massaging female patient with injured lower back muscle. Sports injury treatment.

Habits That Help with Circulation

When your feet fall asleep, you might not think much of it. It may be annoying, but it is certainly not concerning. It also might be...