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Is This Popular Supplement Good for Your Joints?

Glucosamine is a popular used supplement aimed at relieving joint pain, but does it work? Those suffering from osteoarthritis – a form of arthritis caused by wear-and-tear – often supplement their treatment with glucosamine. This is because glucosamine is naturally occurring in the body and is required for biosynthesis of proteoglycan. It is believed that here to read more

Uncover Your True Biological Age

For some, age is but a number—you’re only as old as you feel! Sure, fine lines and skin spots may make you appear older, but what is your true biological age? Forget the number of candles and consider what your body’s age is. Many bodily functions deteriorate or weaken as we age. You may not here to read more

The Natural Way to Combat a Cough

With cold and flu season in full swing, many of us are plagued by a nagging cough. Some of us have dry coughs, while others have mucus-filled coughs. Some coughs keep you up all night and other coughs prevent you from finishing a sentence. Coughs are annoying, and to curb them, many of us grab here to read more

What can your toenails reveal about your health?

Risk factors for prostate cancer include age, race/ethnicity, family history, genetic changes and mutations, diet, obesity, smoking, chemical exposure, inflammation of the prostate, sexually transmitted disease, and undergoing a vasectomy. Researchers have been focusing on chemical exposure and its link to prostate cancer as of late. To dig deeper and obtain further insight, the latest here to read more


Heart myths you need to stop believing

Heart disease remains the number one killer in America even though we all have the tools and know-how to reduce our risk of developing it. It may have something to do with people believing myths related to heart health. It’s easy to believe something that someone has told you because you trust them—why would they here to read more

Electronic cigarettes help smokers kick the habit

Nearly half a million people die from cigarette smoking each year in the United States alone. Over 40,000 of those deaths are attributed to second-hand smoke. Despite these troubling statistics, an estimated 36.5 million Americans still smoke. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, some of which are known cancer causing agents. But the reason smokers here to read more

Cardiovascular risk factors at an early age linked to poorer cognitive performance later in life: Study

Having poor health during adulthood, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, has always been known to lead to cognitive deficiencies later in life. However, new research suggests that having these cardiovascular risk factors in childhood and adolescence is associated with worse midlife cognition, regardless of adulthood exposure. Researchers at the University of Turku in here to read more

Chronic kidney disease patients can improve kidney function with urate-lowering therapy

Chronic kidney disease patients can improve organ function with urate-lowering therapy. Chronic kidney disease is the gradual loss of kidney function. Higher levels of uric acid in gout patients can contribute to chronic kidney disease (CKD). Which brings up the question of whether lowering urate in the body can prevent CKD. To answer this questions, here to read more

Dementia and cognitive decline delayed with cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention: Study

Dementia and cognitive decline may be delayed by preventing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This is important as more people are living longer with diabetes, as obesity rates continue to rise, and more people are living with chronic heart disease. A decline in cognitive function can be considered a precursor to impending dementia in older adults. here to read more