Eating 5-6 Prunes Per Day May Help Prevent Bone Loss and Retain Bone Strength

Prunes in wood bowl on white rustic table. Dried plums on white table. Fresh prunes for healthy life.If you want to protect yourself from bone loss and preserve your strength as you age, you may want to grab a handful of prunes! Prunes, also known as dried plums, are a delicious sweet snack and incredibly nutritious food that can provide numerous benefits for bone health. Recent studies suggest that consuming prunes in moderation daily could help keep your bones strong and healthy long into adulthood.

In the United States, approximately 10 million adults over the age of 50 have osteoporosis. According to previous research, women are four times more likely to get a diagnosis of the condition. This may be partly due to a decline in estrogen levels at the onset of menopause that often results in the loss of bone density. However, new research from Penn State shows that eating prunes daily may help women preserve bone density.


The study included 235 postmenopausal women, some of whom were assigned to eat 50 grams (approximately 5-6 prunes) each day for a year. The researchers measured the women’s bone mineral density, bone strength, and bone geometry and found that prunes may be beneficial.

“Consuming five to six prunes a day for 12 months resulted in the preservation of bone at the hip, a finding that was observable at six months and persisted through month 12. In another study, 3D imaging of bone provided additional information about the response of bone to consuming prunes daily,” said lead author Mary Jane De Souza.

Knowing about diet and food facts, including which can help keep bones strong and healthy, can help to prevent bone fractures as you age. Prunes make a great snack that are not only full of fiber but great for bone health.

Bone and Joint Health

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