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Could Eternal Youth Be Living in Your Gut?

Here’s a warning: proceed with caution if you’re a little queasy. But keep going if you’re interested in a major finding about the fountain of youth. It could be flowing inside you. Literally. Doctors are only beginning to understand the breadth of gut health. There is evidence and theories about the gut-brain axis, but work here to read more

Start Your Day with A Healthy Colon

Your colon isn’t the first thing on your mind when you wake up. I get it. But by thinking about it—just a little—in the morning, you could offer a significant boost to its health. And you don’t even really have to think about your colon. Instead, consider what you’ll eat for breakfast. Yogurt with berries here to read more

Colon Pain? The First Steps to Relief

What can you do about a sore colon? Other than getting too frightened—and it can be scary—is to take a deep breath. You might be able to relieve pain in the colon easier than you might think. Your colon is part of your large intestine and essentially the last stop of your digestive system. It’s here to read more


Probiotics: What They Are and How to Get More

Probiotics can help with digestion, gut health, and more. They might even help fight inflammation and brain function. But what the heck are they? Are they a superfood? A nutrient? Bugs? Depending on who you ask, they could be classified as a superfood. Probiotics are linked to a number of potential health benefits, but they here to read more

Are Blue Lights Putting Colon Health at Risk?

You’ve likely heard that blue light exposure can make it harder to sleep at night. But new data is showing they could negatively impact colon health too. Blue light emitted by most white LEDs (light-emitting diode) come through the screens of smartphones, tablets, and computer screens. Increasingly, they are coming out of city streetlights. And here to read more

Early Life Use of Antibiotics Is Associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Risk

Mounting evidence is finding that the use of antibiotics in children could increase the risk of diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and type 1 diabetes. For example, a new study published in Genome Medicine has shown that even a short, single antibiotic course given to young animals can predispose them to inflammatory bowel here to read more

Leaky Gut? Try This

Ulcerative colitis is no joke. Neither are the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. I know you’ve heard it before: fruits and vegetables are the superstars of virtually any diet. It’s true, though. Most of them are “superfoods” whether or not they all get recognized as such. And new research is showing here to read more

Risk of Dementia Doubled for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients: Study

New research published in the journal Gut has found that inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can more than double the risk of developing dementia. This new study adds to the mounting evidence, which suggests that communication between the gut and the central nervous system, known as the ‘gut-brain axis,’ is implicated in various aspects of health here to read more