Start Your Day with A Healthy Colon

Strawberry and blueberry parfaits in glasses against a bright white wood backgroundYour colon isn’t the first thing on your mind when you wake up. I get it. But by thinking about it—just a little—in the morning, you could offer a significant boost to its health.

And you don’t even really have to think about your colon. Instead, consider what you’ll eat for breakfast.


Yogurt with berries is a quick and simple breakfast that could set your day off right. It’s rich in protein to help keep your appetite in check, while also being a terrific source of probiotics and fiber to keep the microbes in your colon working hard.

A 2019 study published in the BMJ observed that men who ate yogurt at least twice per week were at a lower risk for serious bowel illnesses than those who did not eat it as often.

Yogurt’s probiotic content may change the type and volume of bacteria in the gut and colon to reduce the risk of troublesome growths. Adding some berries and nuts to the yogurt can add further nutrition that can aid digestive health.

For an even bigger boost to colon health, consider eating breakfast with a glass of water and a cup of coffee or two. Research has found that drinking between two and four cups of caffeinated coffee each day is also associated with better colon health.

To take full advantage of this colon-healthy breakfast, it’s essential to pay attention to a couple of details. The first is to avoid flavored yogurt. Flavored yogurt is high in added sugars that can diminish gut health and impede the yogurt’s benefits.


Add some of your favorite berries and nuts to yogurt for a flavor and nutrient boost.

The same goes for your coffee. Avoid loading it up sugar and syrups. Instead, try drinking it black or with a minimal amount of sugar.

Starting your day with a breakfast like this might help keep your colon in good health without much thought.

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