Are Prescription Memory Drugs Even Safe?

Prescription memory drugs are often given to Alzheimer’s patients, and they are also prescribed ‘off-label’ to people with memory problems and disturbed brain function. Like all prescription medications, drugs that target the memory can cause a plethora of side-effects and health risks. Which begs the question: Are prescription memory drugs even effective for non-Alzheimer’s patients here to read more

How Music Triggers Brain Function and Memory

A study in the early 90’s found that children who listen to Mozart have enhanced brain function and memory capabilities–this correlation was aptly coined the “Mozart Effect.” Although the Mozart effect gained widespread popularity and parents around the globe began playing Mozart to their babies and children in hopes of improving their brain function and here to read more

Cycling for Memory Health and Parkinson’s

Doctors who study Parkinson’s disease have said before that exercise helps those who suffer from it. The physical activity improves balance and can prevent joint stiffness which are both common symptoms of the devastating illness. Recently, scientists have discovered that cycling can have a very positive impact on Parkinson’s disease sufferers. Parkinson’s disease is a here to read more

Routines Killing Your Memory and Brain Health

Our brain is considered as the central controller of our bodies, often influencing the way we think, speak, and act, and thus can affect the quality of relationships we maintain with family members, friends, and co-workers. The brain also promotes the production of essential proteins for the body, including those that are related to reproduction here to read more

Aging Brain – The Specific Gene That Causes It

One in eight older Americans has Alzheimer’s disease and this statistic is likely to rise with the aging population.  Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, according to  People suffering with brain disease, including Alzheimer’s disease, often lose their memory and over time, this memory loss becomes debilitating. Research here to read more

What is Dementia Night Camp?

Caring for a loved one that has dementia can be a difficult task, especially at night if they don’t sleep or wake up agitated and confused during normal sleeping hours.  The development of a program that is similar to a “camp” at night provides relief to those caring for people suffering from dementia. What is here to read more