How to deal with memory loss after stroke

Our body functions mainly in part with our circulatory system. Every part of our body requires blood, which flows out from the heart and then back into the heart. When there is an interruption in blood flow, it can lead to some negative health consequences. One major organ to point out which requires much blood here to read more

What power naps do to your memory

For decades researchers have studied the science of sleep. Sleep problems are common in North America, so the need to understand the suspension of consciousness is huge. Today, scientists say with confidence that sleep not only provides our bodies with the restorative rest it needs, it also helps our memory. Short naps and sleep problems here to read more

Long-term effects of stroke on memory

When blood can’t reach vital organs it can lead to many health consequences. When blood flow is limited in the brain it can result in a stroke. The more the brain goes without the oxygen and nutrients our blood carries, the more likely it will result in permanent brain damage. Blood is like gasoline for here to read more

5 Fixes for memory loss

Do you remember your child’s second birthday? How about what you ate last week? If your memory is starting to fog, don’t hit the panic button! It’s not too late to give it a boost. In fact, there are many different things you can do every day to improve your memory. With memory being so here to read more

This miracle food reverses memory loss?

A mystery chocolate drink, made by confectionery company Mars, Incorporated, has turned back the clock on aging brains. Chocolate is even better for us than we thought! A breakthrough study by Columbia University Medical Center has uncovered something quite remarkable: Normal, natural memory loss that comes with aging can be reversed. Not with some dangerous here to read more

How laughter improves your memory

You don’t need a doctor to tell you that a giggle session is good for the soul, but new research shows that it can also be good for your brain. I’m all for it! Life is short, after all, and if can’t have a bring-you-to-tears laughter session now and again, well, what’s it all for? here to read more

Memory test for Alzheimer’s

A friend of a mine spends every single weekend at her younger sister’s house to take care of their mom (and give her sister’s family a break). The mom has Alzheimer’s disease, she must be close to 80, and the family is committed to caring for her as long as they can at home. You here to read more

Alzheimer’s Numbers: 1 In 6 Women At Risk

Some very unsettling numbers were released by the Alzheimer’s Association: In the United States, one in six women over the age of 65 will get the illness. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, the degeneration of brain and memory function that becomes serious enough to interfere with daily life. The association’s “2014 Alzheimer’s here to read more