Why Meat is Causing “Super Bugs”

Antibiotics are commonly administered to various farm animals such as cattle, chickens, and pigs to prevent bacterial infections that may damage the immune system, causing morbidity and mortality. However, it is also important to recognize the fact that the excessive use of antibiotics may also inflict additional damage to farm animals by inducing the emergence ...click here to read more

80% of Cancer Patients Won’t Stop Doing This

It turns out that seniors may be some of the most stubborn patients when it comes to smoking cessation, according to new research published in the Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences. Researchers obtained their data from approximately 11,000 Americans, aged 50-85, that participated in the Health and Retirement Study which is ...click here to read more

Strangest Addictions for Older People

The word Addiction normally conjures up thoughts of alcoholism or drug abuse; however, there is a long list of addictive substances and items that can damage our lives. The 50 plus crowd should know better right? Wrong…it turns out that older people have plenty of addictions, and some of them are rather strange. Believe it ...click here to read more

Fingernails are Windows to Your Health

You may know that your skin is a reflection of your internal health but did you know that the appearance of your fingernails can also provide many important health tips? Although using nails to formulate a health diagnosis is not a popular practice in Western medicine, open minded doctors such as TVs renowned Dr. Oz ...click here to read more

3 Ways to Use Vanilla – Outside the Kitchen

With literally thousands of vanilla products on the market, the scent can be intoxicating, but are there other uses? The short answer is yes, vanilla can have several important implications on your health. Vanilla is a plant – in particular, the seedpod of the plant. It is commonly referred to as vanilla bean, or vanilla ...click here to read more

How to Avoid Embarrassing Bladder Issues

Millions of North Americans have bladder issues. In fact, it is one of the most common medical problems. We just may not hear a lot about it because people find it embarrassing. Bladder issues can have a huge impact on a person’s life. It can be uncomfortable, stressful, lead to sleepless nights, and restrict a ...click here to read more

Top 4 Ways to Have Young Skin… At Any Age

There seems to be new discoveries in the area of anti-aging these days, and along with the preventative anti-aging measures that people should be taking, there are literally thousands of tips and tricks to look younger, for longer. But how can you sift through the wide abundance of information to find something that will hopefully ...click here to read more

The Grossest Place in Your Whole House

It may be surprising, but your kitchen could possibly be causing immune system and lung function damage.  New research from the University of Sheffield shows that pollution levels in some kitchens are higher than levels measured in city hot spots. The Effects of Both on Your Immune System Researchers studied three residential buildings that utilized ...click here to read more

Stem Cells – A Solution for Baldness?

Over the last 30 years there have been too many hair loss replacement gimmicks to even begin to count. Some people trust them because they are looking for a quick solution. Today scientists believe they could actually have a real hair loss solution, but it is a remedy that will need time to take root. ...click here to read more

Why it’s Never Too Late to Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker and you’ve put off quitting because “the damage is already done”, think again. Research recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that smoking is a risk factor for pre-mature death and that quitting at any age is beneficial. The researchers looked at 17 previous studies on smoking and mortality. ...click here to read more