Smoking – and the Velvet Bean?

The decision to quit smoking to prevent further health damage may be easily to make, but the actual engagement in smoking cessation may be at least twice as challenging. Cigarette smokers are aware of the damage that may develop in their bodies, including the deterioration in lung function and the increase in risk for lung ...click here to read more

The Worst Places for Women’s Health

The well-being of American women continues to be a source of concern, especially following the release of recent data on the worst states for women’s health. No one sets out to damage their own health; however, it seems that in many cases a lack of understanding or a lack of services puts women in certain ...click here to read more

Glasses to Enhance Color?

Color enhancing eye glasses sound like a great fashion accessory, but in medical terms it isn’t about improving your wardrobe; it’s about the development of color vision and a potential health breakthrough. Color enhancing eye glasses are the result of evolutionary research conducted by neurobiologist and author of “The Vision Revolution”, Dr. Mark Changizi. He ...click here to read more

Cleaning Chemicals Damaging Your Health

A clean house is just a quick and easy spray or squeeze away according to advertisements. The problem is that while these products may be creating a shine, they could also be leaving something else behind…damage to your health. Environmentalists say just like you inspect a piece of fruit before you buy it, you should ...click here to read more

Explaining the Blood Donor Controversy

One of the most common activities associated in a medical emergency is blood transfusion, which allows a profusely bleeding patient to immediately receive blood that is vital for life.  Excessive bleeding may damage the body and thus treatment such as blood transfusion during an emergency may prevent further deterioration of the patient’s general condition.  Hospitals ...click here to read more

Why iced tea is killing your kidneys

The last few weeks of summer still bring about those heat waves and intense sunlight and thus we often succumb to the craving for a cold glass of our favorite drink. For many of us, iced tea appears to be the favorite summer drink, with its sweet tangy taste and cold refreshing effect on our ...click here to read more

The Worlds Weirdest Allergies

Allergic reactions pertain to immune system responses to foreign particles that may have entered the body and may potentially cause damage to cells and tissues. Allergic reactions are generally triggered by tiny particles floating in the air or small molecules that may be present in certain food items, fabrics, and other materials that come in ...click here to read more

Serious Warnings Surrounding Caffeine Inhalers

In March, 2012 the U.S.  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to Breathable Foods Inc., who is the maker of AeroShot (a caffeine inhaler) for false or misleading information.  Additionally, the FDA also told the company that they question the safety of the caffeine inhaler and are concerned about the use of the ...click here to read more

Top Scary Health Myths for Men

Men have certain concerns about their health and well-being, but it turns out that many popular theories are no more than scary myths. Aging and Infertility Myths Cancer When a man has a prostate screening test (PSA) and the level comes out with a reading of 4 or higher it likely means he has prostate ...click here to read more

The Dangerous Chemicals in Antibacterial Soap

When it hit the market in the mid 1980’s consumers thought it was revolutionary; a soap that could kill bacteria and microbes that cause viruses. Today a great majority of hand and body soaps are labeled as antibacterial. The main ingredient in the soaps is called “tricolsan” and now scientists believe it could be dangerous. ...click here to read more

Seal Flu – The Newest Epidemic

People might have just begun to stop hearing about the bird flu, but just as one door closes another one opens. And this one could be even more scary than the last. A new flu strain found in New England harbor seals could prove to be very threatening and researchers are saying the problem has ...click here to read more

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You: Vaccines

Each year, millions of people around the world avail of vaccines against infections that seasonally emerge. The flu vaccine, for example, is commonly administered each year as a preventative treatment against the development of influenza. The administration of the flu vaccine is based on the principle that the deactivated flu virus in the vaccine will ...click here to read more