Top Scary Health Myths for Men

agingMen have certain concerns about their health and well-being, but it turns out that many popular theories are no more than scary myths.

Aging and Infertility Myths



When a man has a prostate screening test (PSA) and the level comes out with a reading of 4 or higher it likely means he has prostate cancer. This statement is false, yet many men believe it’s true. The fact is, when a PSA or Prostate Specific Antigen result is high it could mean you have another problem like inflammation or an infection in the prostate. Doctors say it is foolish to assume the worst. You should discuss all the possibilities with your physician before deciding on a course of action.  Keep in mind aging is associated with prostate cancer; however, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it if you are under 50. If you have a family history of prostate cancer, you might want to consider talking to your family doctor about getting a PSA test sooner.

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Breast cancer is normally associated with women, but the idea that men do not get it is simply a myth. Just as women do self exams monthly, men should be doing self exams. Physicians suggest that every 3-months a man feel under his nipples and across his chest. It is also important to check under the arms for lumps that feel like a knot or a pea.

Other Aging Misconceptions

There are other ailments that can cause damage, yet many men are not even aware that they pose a threat. For instance, men may think that only women go through menopause, but they go through a version of it as well. Aging-related hormone changes in men are more common than people realize. The damage from male menopause can cause the following:

•              Changes in sexual function, including infertility

•              Physical changes such as loss of muscle and decreased bone density

•              Changes in sleep patterns, including insomnia

•              Emotional issues like depression and difficulty focusing

Although these are normal signs of aging, they can also be caused by other factors that need to be investigated by a medical professional.

Aging has been linked to osteoporosis in women. Men don’t get osteoporosis. They don’t have to worry about their bones getting brittle or breaking as they get older. WRONG!  Men have larger skeletons and their bone loss starts later, but it does happen. Research shows that 30 per cent of American men in their senior years are at risk of getting osteoporosis. The damage from osteoporosis can be devastating. Men for instance are twice as likely to die following a hip fracture as a woman is.


What About Before You Start Aging

When couples are having difficulty conceiving the finger is often pointed in the direction of the woman. Even physicians will admit that they often test females first to see if there is any medical reason for the couple’s difficulties. The statistics suggest however, that 35 to 40 per cent of infertility problems are a result of a male condition, 35 to 40 are due to a female issue, 20 per cent of infertility can be attributed to a combination of the two, and a small percentage is unknown causes.

Over the years there have been some odd theories about infertility…so odd that many men have passed them off as myths when in fact some of them are actually true. For instance, according to the Mayo Clinic scrotal temperature can impact a man’s sperm production so if you are concerned about infertility then it is true that you should stay cool. Don’t sit on a bike for long periods of time, don’t sit in a sauna, avoid hot tubs, and wear loose shorts as opposed to tight athletic shorts.

When it comes to your health ask a lot of questions; you never know what myths you might uncover and what unusual sounding concepts may hold true.