Fend Off Illness With A Cup Of Tea

We all enjoy our frothed mochas and cappuccinos as cold season hits, but research shows white tea could be your best bet to warm you up and keep healthy. Tea ceremony is an ancient practice, dating back to 10th century B.C. Shang Dynasty. The potent sipper has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy ...click here to read more

How to Prevent Broken Hips with Fish

The population in North America is aging, and along with aging comes an increased risk of hip fractures from falls.  Hip fractures are serious injuries that often result in long-term disability in the senior population, with three quarters of these hip fractures occurring in women.   New research published in the Journal of Bone and ...click here to read more

The Damage and Health Risks of Winter

The winter season often means snow, cold temperatures, the holidays, and sadly, the flu season, too.  Most of us may have noticed that more flu cases occur during the winter, although we also know that the flu virus can also strike during the summer.  So is there really a connection between the winter months and ...click here to read more

How to Handle Winter Skin Damage

Xerosis pertains to a form of skin damage that is characterized by dryness and itchiness. This condition is usually experienced during the cold winter months. Dry, itchy skin may also occur during illness and aging. Skin damage is largely associated with the winter season, when one often moves in and out of the cold and ...click here to read more

Does an Outdoor Smoking Ban Mean Less Damage?

Second hand smoke has been associated with various respiratory diseases and cancer.  Does banning outdoor smoking really help decrease second hand smoke exposure? Several medical reports have shown that cigarette smoking may result in major health damage, including the development of lung cancer and other respiratory and systemic diseases.  Health organizations have also campaigned for ...click here to read more

The Damage of Moderation – How Bad is Beer?

Go easy on the beer drinking…that’s what we’ve always heard, but some evidence seems to suggest drinking in moderation has some health benefits. Drinking a lot of beer comes with a price; not just a price tag, but a health price. It can cause serious health damage including high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver, ...click here to read more

Does Coffee Cause Damage to Your Eyes?

Glaucoma is an eye health disorder characterized by damage to the optic nerve and a gradual loss in eyesight. Glaucoma is the second greatest cause of blindness in America, and aging, nearsightedness, high blood pressure, diabetes, and an  injury to the eye can call increase your likelihood for developing it. According to a recent study ...click here to read more

Essential Oils for Your Aging Skin?

If you happen to glance and the mirror and see dull, aging skin you may want to consider using essential oils to help repair the damage that you see.  Even if you don’t see dull skin or wrinkles today, you may want to consider using essential oils as a preventative measure from damage that can ...click here to read more

Is it Too Late for Your Liver?

The liver is one of the major organs of the body that is responsible for the removal of toxins that may be present in the body.  Organ damage in the form of cirrhosis generally occurs when an individual is engaged in excessive alcohol consumption, mainly through the destruction of cells.  Every human being cannot survive ...click here to read more

Why Seniors are Being Overprescribed Antibiotics

Antibiotics are generally prescribed for patients who are suffering from bacterial infections.  These drugs are designed to either immobilize or kill the bacteria that have invaded the body, thus allowing the immune system to produce antibodies and macrophages to eradicate these foreign microbes.  Antibiotics have been long been used for the treatment of a wide ...click here to read more

The Top Places Germs Hide

It’s no secret that germs are everywhere. Those microscopic organisms can be helpful, but then again they can cause serious illness in plants, animals and humans; they can even lead to death.  Microbiologists say it is wise for us to educate ourselves about where germs are concealed. Some of the top places they hide may ...click here to read more