How to Handle Winter Skin Damage

87472160Xerosis pertains to a form of skin damage that is characterized by dryness and itchiness. This condition is usually experienced during the cold winter months. Dry, itchy skin may also occur during illness and aging. Skin damage is largely associated with the winter season, when one often moves in and out of the cold and enters a room or building with heating.

This change in temperature induces blood to move away from the skin, thus causing skin problems. On the other hand, living in warmer climates results in the opposite reaction, in which blood moves toward the skin to prevent possible heat buildup in the body. Bathing several times each day while living in tropical places may also damage the skin because it washes away the natural oils that protect the skin. In order to maintain healthy skin and prevent skin problems, it is important to understand the causes of dry, itchy skin and recognize various ways of treatment.

Damage and Treatment of Skin Problems


For most of us, the most convenient treatment for dry, itchy skin is to apply liberal amounts of moisturizers to rehydrate the skin. There is currently a wide range of moisturizers that are designed to repair skin damage and prevent more severe skin problems. This type of treatment may be effective to some people; however, certain individuals experience serious skin problems during winter and would thus require special formulations to treat skin damage.

The Recent Study on Skin Problems

According to a recent medical report published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, skin problems caused by the cold, wintry season may be treated with oil and water formulations, thus allowing repair of damage to the skin. This type of treatment prevents the skin from losing water, which is the main cause of skin damage. The recent medical report was based on the findings of a study involving approximately 154 women between the ages of 50 and 84 years old. These women were all suffering from skin damage, and presented dry, itchy skin. As treatment, the study participants were asked to use the oil and water formulation twice a day for two weeks.

The Recent Study on Skin Problems

After the two weeks of treatment using the oil and water formulation, the study participants were examined for signs of dryness and itching. In addition, the women observed a decrease in the feeling of tightness in the skin, which was also due to skin dehydration from the cold weather. But how quick did these women notice the results of the treatment? According to the results of the interview and direct examination of the patients, the positive results were noticeable by the sixth day of treatment.

The researchers who conducted this study explained that skin rehydration is more effective when a moisturizer contains oil. Regular moisturizers contain water, which easily evaporates and thus, a person tends to apply moisturizers several times each day to prevent skin dryness. On the other hand, a moisturizer that contains both water and oil stays on the skin for a longer time, thus only requiring two applications each day.

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This recent medical report helps readers understand that dry, itchy skin can be treated with the right formulation that will assist in locking in moisture. Using a moisturizer that provides coverage for several hours each day is also more practical than using a product that only lasts for several minutes. Dry, itchy skin is certainly not one of the things that we enjoy during the winter season. This recent medical report proves that we can still effectively deal with scaly skin during the cold winter months and prevent further skin complications. It is therefore best to look at the ingredients in the moisturizers first before buying a skin product and select one that contains oils, which will increase the chances of preventing skin dehydration.


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