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Will the flu shot be replaced with a patch?

Those of you who cringe at the thought of getting a needle may be in luck. Researchers are working on an easy-to-apply patch that will administer the flu vaccination. In preliminary studies, the patch—which consists of dissolving microneedles—has shown promise as an effective alternative to administrating the influenza vaccination. The patch contains 100 water-soluble microneedles here to read more

High-dose flu vaccine effective for preventing influenza-related deaths in seniors

In a large study recently published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases, the high-dose flu vaccine was found to be more effective in preventing influenza-related deaths among seniors than the standard-dose flu vaccine. These results were found to be especially relevant during severe flu seasons and added to previous research that revealed that a high-dose here to read more

Flu vaccine proving effective

This flu season is shaping up to be moderately severe, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but luckily this year’s vaccine is proving to be a good match for the virus. The flu shot has been found to be 43 percent effective against influenza A type H3N2—the most common form that here to read more


Simple trick boosts heart health

Flu season is here, and as you know, your number one defense against the virus is your annual flu shot. Last year’s flu vaccine was highly effective, but mind you, warmer temperatures of the previous winter kept the flu virus at bay as well. This year, the Farmer’s Almanac is calling for lower temperatures and here to read more

Pneumonia vs. Cold: Difference in symptoms, causes, and treatments

In order to properly treat any condition, incidental or serious, you must be able to first properly identify it. Differentiating a cold (sometimes called, infectious rhinitis) from pneumonia is no different, and understanding the symptoms of each leads to better fighting the condition. Pneumonia is normally considered the worst of the two, and before antibiotics here to read more

Influenza (flu) vs. bronchitis, differences in symptoms, transmission, and treatment

Influenza (flu) and bronchitis share common symptoms, so early diagnosis may be challenging until more symptoms arise, distinguishing either condition. Flu and bronchitis can also occur at the same time, which can make the diagnosis even more challenging. But the good news is, they can easily be treated if discovered early on. Bronchitis primarily affects here to read more

In fibromyalgia patients, influenza vaccination is safe and effective: Study

Influenza vaccination is safe and effective for fibromyalgia patients. The flu shot is widely recommended by many health authorities as a means of preventing influenza, as it sometimes can contribute to life-threatening consequences. It has been questioned whether the flu shot could cause or exacerbate fibromyalgia. The study evaluated the effectiveness of the flu shot here to read more

Common cold vs. flu (influenza), differences in symptoms, transmission, and treatment

Distinguishing between the common cold and the flu (influenza) may be quite different as they do share many similar traits. Furthermore, a person can experience both a cold and the flu simultaneously, which can make diagnosis even more difficult. The best way to decipher between the common cold and flu is recognizing the differences in here to read more