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Seniors: This one thing helps you maintain strong muscles

Now that you’re older, you probably don’t work out as often as you once did or don’t think about building muscle mass. However, it is actually important that seniors build and maintain muscles as they age. Strong muscles help prevent injury, improve mobility, maintain independence, and prevents other medical conditions such as sarcopenia—age-related muscle loss. here to read more

Older obese adults benefit from moderate-intensity physical exercise: Study

Obesity is a rising epidemic in the United States. Nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children struggle with their weight every day, often losing self-esteem and experiencing emotional distress. Obesity raises your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. While genetics have been known to play some role in the excess accumulation here to read more


Electronic prescriptions of high-risk medications a contributing factor to falls in older Americans: Study

Falls in older Americans may be attributed to electronic prescriptions of high-risk medications. In fact, falls are the number one contributing factor for fatal and non-fatal injuries amongst this population segment. Falls greatly impact seniors’ quality of life and their ability to live independently. But despite the risk, age-related falls are not an inevitable part here to read more