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female stomachache Because Poisonous food

Can You Do Anything to Stop A Recurring UTI?

Look, if it seems like you’re battling a urinary tract infection (UTI) every six months, know this: it’s not your fault. Some women are just more...

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Polyphenols for Prostate Health

So, you’re up at night with the urge to pee, but when you get to the toilet, all you release are a few dribbles. It can...

Woman hand holding her crotch lower abdomen and tissue or toilet paper roll. Disorder, Diarrhea, incontinence. Healthcare concept.

Why Is Urine Leaking When I Cough?

The likelihood of experiencing bladder control problems increases with age. Also called urinary incontinence, it can be very frustrating, degrading, and have a significant impact on...

Sad young woman suffering from period pain sitting down outdoors - Beautiful girl with brown hair wearing jeans having menstruation cramps while holding her belly in the park

Recurring UTI? Researchers Think They Know Why

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can cause real burning pain for women. They are not only extremely irritating, but they are a major hindrance to your quality...

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Tips to Tame Your Overactive Bladder

If you have an overactive bladder of are managing benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), orders to stay indoors might be a bit of a blessing. The stress...