Protect Yourself from UTI as Temperatures Stay Hot

Attractive young woman touching her lower abdomen while suffering from urinary incontinence or bladder infectionIf you expect a cool down as September goes deeper and summer turns to fall, think again; it’s staying hot.

And while some of you may welcome higher numbers on the thermometer this time of year, know that it can boost the risk for urinary tract infections UTIs). According to experts, patients experience more UTIs during the summer months.


Something that has been exacerbated by the historic heatwaves that have been sweeping the continent and globe.

The main reason why people experience UTIs at a higher frequency during warmer temperatures is because it becomes a little more difficult to stay hydrated. When you’re not adequately hydrated, there is less of a chance for regular urination, allowing infection-causing bacteria to hang around longer. Peeing regularly can help flush bacteria to help prevent infection.

UTIs are rather coming and can lead to pain and burning during urination, lead to increased frequency of urination (but not in a good way, like mentioned above), more intense need to go, and blood in the urine.

While many of these symptoms do not necessarily mean that you have a UTI, it can be a cause. A proper diagnosis requires a urine culture.

UTIs are also far more common in women than men.


Many turn to cranberry juice to help treat UTIs, but it is often too diluted to make much of a difference. It can help you hydrate but is not as good a choice as water.

If you’re experiencing UTI symptoms, it is best to call your primary care doctor. Seeing a urologist is recommended if you have had three or more diagnosed in a year.

Tips to reduce the likelihood of a UTI include drinking plenty of fluids per day – at least two liters (half gallon) (more on hot days when you’re sweating) – urinating every three hours, and also after sex. Avoiding constipation may help, too.

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