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Risk of Dementia Is 50% Lower among People with Type 2 Diabetes Following a Healthy Lifestyle

If you have type 2 diabetes, adopting a healthy lifestyle may help reduce your risk of dementia. A recent study found that people with diabetes who ate a healthy diet, exercised regularly, and maintained a healthy weight had a 50% lower risk of developing dementia than those who didn’t follow these guidelines. So, if you here to read more

Healthy Lifestyle Can Prevent Diabetes Risk among Susceptible Women

Women who maintain a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, even if they’re genetically susceptible to the disease. Recent research has shown that diet, physical activity, and weight control can all play a role in preventing diabetes, even among those with a family history of the condition. By taking here to read more


Would You Drink Less Soda If It Was Taxed Higher?

Do you think you’d consume less sugar if sugary drinks like soda and energy drinks were taxed at an additional rate? A new study suggests you likely would not. New research looking at the city of Philadelphia’s tax on sugar-sweetened drinks found that all it really did was turn people to eating more sugary foods here to read more

Diabetes May Play A Major Role In Hearing Loss

If you’re having difficulty managing your blood sugar, it could mean that trouble hearing is on the horizon. Research suggests that diabetes may be closely related to hearing loss, but there is yet to be a definitive explanation. The American Diabetes Association estimates that about 37 million people have diabetes, and 34.5 of them also here to read more

What Happens To Your Body When You’re Sedentary

Activity, activity, activity. It may be like it’s all you hear sometimes. There’s a good reason why that advice dominates: it has a lot of benefits, including lower risk for a host of chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. It can also help with mobility. It’s biggest benefit can be that it offers here to read more