Weight Loss Causes Reduction is Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes for Five Years: Study

Losing weight and nutrition as an unhealthy diet or healthy food with a fat and normal person as a stomach made from junk food or health ingredients as a dieting fitness issue with 3D illustration elements.If you’re one of the many individuals with type 2 diabetes who has been unable to achieve your blood glucose goals, new research suggests that effective weight loss could be key in reducing not only your risk factors for diabetes but also its symptoms.

Managing weight is critical when it comes to controlling your symptoms and improving your quality of life with this lifelong illness, so let’s dive in and discuss how this new information could help change your life.


The new research examined participants in the extension of the landmark Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) from Newcastle University. The original DiRECT trial was a weight management program for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes within the last six years. It involved a 12-week low-calorie formula diet, followed by support to reintroduce healthy food and maintain weight loss gradually.

In the extension study, researchers wanted to understand the program’s long-term benefits, so 95 participants of the original trial continued to receive support to help maintain weight loss over the next three years. Each participant received nurse or dietitian appointments with their GP every three months. This included a review of their weight, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. They were also offered advice and support to help maintain their weight loss.

This first-of-its-kind trial was the first to show that remission from type 2 diabetes is possible through a dietary intervention in primary care. Almost half of the participants in the trial went into remission at one year, and 36% at two years. After five years, participants still showed up as being in remission.

Participants in remission had an average weight loss of 8.9kg over five years and no longer needed to use diabetes medication to manage their blood sugar levels.
For participants who were unable to go into remission, losing weight still gave them an advantage with major health benefits, including improved blood sugar levels and reduced risk of serious diabetes complications such as heart attack and stroke.

Dr. Elizabeth Robertson, Director of Research at Diabetes UK, said, “Diabetes UK is proud to be at the forefront of over a decade of pioneering research into type 2 diabetes remission. Our DiRECT study has been pivotal in transforming the lives of people with type 2 diabetes by showing that the condition can be put into remission through weight loss. The new findings from DiRECT confirm that for some people, it is possible to stay in remission for at least five years.”

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