Extreme Heat May Have Effects among People with Diabetes: Study

Tired millennial woman suffers from stuffiness and an inoperative air conditioner, waving blue fan sitting on couch at home working on laptop computer. Overheating high temperature, hot summer weatherAlthough summer is almost over, the heat and humidity are still in full swing, affecting those with diabetes. For people living with diabetes, this can significantly impact blood sugar control. Knowing how to manage blood sugar during hot weather is essential for staying healthy and safe this season.

The global effects of climate change have been front and center in headlines around the world. However, researchers in Japan have revealed an additional risk by identifying a link between extreme heat events and diabetes hyperglycemia–related emergency hospitalizations.


For the study, researchers analyzed data for hypo- and hyperglycemia–related emergency hospital admissions from 2012–2019, as well as ambient temperature data from weather stations. The model took into account a time delay of up to three days and showed the impacts of climate change on health may not always be obvious.

It was found that people with diabetes were at a higher risk of requiring hospitalization during a series of unusually hot days as the body is more likely to suffer from dehydration and have difficulty balancing the concentration of components in the blood.

“Relative risks for standard and extreme heat effects on emergency hospitalization for hypoglycemia were found to be 1.33 and 1.65, respectively, and similar risks were found for hyperglycemia. In most regions, the higher the temperature, the higher the relative risk,” said lead author Takeo Fujiwara.

These findings will add to mounting information about the subtle or latent health effects that may need to be considered in environmental or healthcare policies. This research shows how the impact of climate change will only increase in the foreseeable future.

This study shows the effects of climate change on those with diabetes, but general health should also be considered when thinking about risks. As more information becomes available, we will begin to see more and more links between heat and health risks.

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