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Study Warns Women: You Need A Yearly Mammogram Earlier Than You Thought

A shocking new study reveals that the majority of women dying from breast cancer are younger than the ones traditionally being told to start going for regular mammogram exams.  According to the research, published in Cancer, these younger women would have greatly benefited from regular yearly mammogram routines from much earlier ages – and it possibly could here to read more

Soybeans May Fight Cancer and HIV

Cancer and HIV are amongst the two most feared diseases in the world today, and rightly so. While other major killers like type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure all have manageable remedies and treatment methods, conventional medicine has not yet found a cure for cancer or HIV. Fortunately, experts are constantly discovering natural here to read more

Could Pepsi or Cola Give You Cancer?

Of the popular beverages around the world, Coca-Cola and Pepsi generate billions of retail sales annually. However, in 2012, California passed a law mandating that all drinks containing a certain amount of cancer-causing ingredients must include a cancer risk warning on their labels. One such ingredient to be listed was the caramel coloring agent ammonia here to read more

Could Your Fat Tissue Save A Life?

If you’ve ever considered liposuction to remove excess fat tissue, you may be shocked to discover that you could potentially be saving a life.  Researchers at UCLA made an incredible – albeit, accidental – discovery about fat tissue, after examining the (normally discarded) remains of several liposuction surgeries. It turns out that fat tissue contains here to read more


Is Your Acid Reflux A Precursor to Cancer?

Ever get that burning sensation down your chest after eating a big meal? If you suffer from acid reflux, you know how uncomfortable it can be. But what you may not know is that, according to the newest research, your acid reflux could also be creating an uncomfortable increase in your risk for certain diseases. here to read more

Preventing Breast Cancer in High Risk Women

With all of the recent media attention surrounding Angelina Jolie’s radical double mastectomy surgery, breast cancer prevention is once again in the spotlight.  Many people are wondering if this drastic double mastectomy procedure is the only prevention option for women that are at a high risk of developing breast cancer. However, prevention can also begin here to read more

A Staggering Number of Cancer Deaths Are Traced Back To Alcohol – and it’s Far Less Drinks than You Thought

Before you pick up that glass of wine tonight, you may want to consider that new research has found that even one drink per day can increase your cancer risk. The study, conducted by researchers at the National Cancer Institute, found that alcohol was responsible for about 3.5% of all cancer deaths in 2009 in here to read more

Cancer Related Deaths – Have They Dropped?

Overall cancer death rates in the United States continued to decline according to the Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, 1975-2009.  The decrease in cancer death rate was seen in both men and women and across all major racial and ethnic groups and for the most major cancer risk sites including here to read more

World Cancer Day in Review

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) recently celebrated World Cancer Day on February 4th and this day is primarily designed to raise awareness and understanding of cancer. For this year, the UICC focused on dispelling myths about cancer, which somehow has been distorted across various countries and societies around the world.  The Union distributed here to read more

How Do Sleep Problems Lead to Cancer?

Sleep pertains to that nocturnal ritual that is characterized by a lack of voluntary muscle movement and consciousness, as the body recharges itself for the next busy day.  Sleep problems, also known as sleep disorders, are disruptions in these evening rest periods, resulting in various physical and mental effects.  One of the most common sleep here to read more

Diet Soda and the Cancer Connection

Obesity pertains to a condition that involves excessive weight gain and is generally associated with a body mass index of 30 or higher.  Body mass index is a ratio of an individual’s weight in relation to height and this reflects the amount of fat in the body.  Physicians and other health professionals use the body here to read more