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A Colorful Diet Could Defend against Dementia

A new study suggests eating colorful foods may help defend against dementia, so head to the grocery store for some berries, orange juice, and apples. Research from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests that the more colorful fruits and vegetables a person eats, the better protection they appear to have from cognitive here to read more

A Relaxing “Habit” That Could Help Preserve Your Memory

You snooze, you… win! If you’re talking about memory, that is. New research shows that afternoon naps can significantly benefit brain function, potentially reducing the risk of age-related memory loss. Good sleep habits are associated with a lower risk of dementia and higher levels of executive function, cognition, memory, and understanding. Afternoon naps may provide here to read more

Eye Test Can Predict Parkinson’s-Linked Cognitive Decline

A revolutionary new eye test can predict Parkinson’s-Linked Cognitive Decline. Researchers believe this new vision test can predict which people with the disease will develop cognitive impairment and possible dementia 18 months later. The study published in Movement Disorders adds to previously collected evidence showing that vision changes precede the cognitive decline that occurs in here to read more


Try This and Not That for A Better Memory

Do “brain games” help improve your memory, or do they just give you something to do? It’s not necessarily a straightforward answer. Challenging your brain with crossword and sudoku puzzles may eventually make you better at them. Still, they are unlikely to translate into better memory or other cognitive functions that will help you in here to read more

Exercising More Than Once Per Week Helps Prevent Mild Cognitive Impairment Conversion to Dementia

Regular physical activity can help prevent those with mild cognitive impairment from advancing into dementia. These findings resulted from a study published in the journal Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy, which found that exercising more than once per week had a direct impact on Alzheimer’s disease. Mild cognitive impairment is a condition that causes small problems here to read more

Try This to Slow Memory Loss

The COVID-19 pandemic comes with plenty of peripheral consequences. One may be advanced memory loss. It’s not that the virus infects your brain. Instead, it can make it extremely difficult to maintain what scientists call “positive affect.” It’s pretty tough to stay cheerful and optimistic as the pandemic has upended life in so many ways. here to read more

Chatting Your Way to a Better Memory

Socializing may benefit the brain like exercise benefits the heart. New research has shown that older people who get together with friends, volunteer, or go to classes have healthier brains that could help them delay dementia. Engaging with others, even moderately, was found to activate parts of the brain that play key roles in memory. here to read more