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Does “Good” Cholesterol Have an Effect on Alzheimer’s Risk

Cholesterol can play a significant role in heart health. But new data suggests it could be essential for your brain. A new study suggests that higher “good” cholesterol levels in the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord may help protect against Alzheimer’s. Researchers looked at high-density lipoprotein (HDL) concentrations – known as the “good” here to read more

Antibiotic Use in Midlife Associated with Cognitive Decline Later in Life among Women

With an aging population, cognitive decline is quickly moving to the forefront of studies in older people. One such study has found a possible link between the use of antibiotics by middle-aged women and cognitive decline later in life. Previous studies have suggested a connection between gut microbiome health and mental health issues such as here to read more

Increase In Daytime Napping Among Older People Could Be A Sign Of Dementia

Over the past decade, there have been many studies performed examining the relationship between sleep and dementia, but new information is now signalling a link between daytime napping and cognitive impairment. Daytime napping among seniors is a normal part of aging, but it may also foreshadow Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias for those who do here to read more


Study Shows an Increased Risk Gum Disease in Patients with Mental Illnesses and Heart Conditions

A new study has found that patients developing illnesses such as mental health and heart conditions have a higher rate of GP-inputted medical history of periodontal gum disease. This research helps build evidence of a relationship between a healthy mouth and the reduced risk of health complications. For the study, researchers analyzed the records of here to read more

Enjoy The Power of Music

Regardless of what kind of music you enjoy, there are likely some big benefits to listening to it. So, turn on your stereo and take advantage. Several wide-ranging health benefits are associated with listening to music, including better memory and mood, social connection, energy, and even heart health. Music seems to be an instinct for here to read more

Eating the Rainbow Might Help Protect Your Memory

If you’re eating rosy reds, dark greens, bright yellows, radiant oranges, and deep purples, you’re in a better position to preserve your memory than if your food is golden brown. At least those are the findings from a recent Harvard study. The work found that eating the rainbow (think fruits and vegetables rich in powerful here to read more

The People That Might Save Your Memory

Doctors and other health professionals are skilled at keeping you functioning optimally. But they are also the preferred last line of defense. The truth is that there are a bunch of other people that can help keep you healthy. And they don’t cost a thing. The people in your life play a major role in here to read more

Focus on Tasks to Keep Memory Sharp

I hate to break it to you, but you can’t multitask. You might think you can, but here is the reality: multitasking really means doing multiple things badly. Just think about it. Think about all the times you were chatting on the phone making dinner and noticed a key ingredient sitting on the counter after here to read more

Open the Pathways to Better Memory with Nitric Oxide

No one is blaming you for separating brain health from body health. It is straightforward to do. But on the other hand, it’s interesting to hear people voice concerns about high blood pressure and heart health without talking about memory and brain function. The two couldn’t be more closely related. Your brain needs a steady here to read more

Are You Walking Your Way Towards a Dementia Diagnosis?

Memory tends to slip a bit with age. Although it can be alarming, it doesn’t necessarily indicate dementia or Alzheimer’s. But it doesn’t mean you aren’t walking towards a diagnosis. On its own, memory loss is not enough to guarantee a dementia diagnosis. Most people experience some degree of normal, or accepted, memory slippage. It’s here to read more

Maximize Memory By Staying Focused

You may have “senior moments.” Everyone does. You know, those times when your mind wanders when you’re performing a routine task. No big deal, right? Most of the time. These moments of cloudiness are typically related to a slight degradation in “executive function.” Executive function is the captain of your brain’s ship: it helps you here to read more