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Surgeon General: Cancer And Diabetes Linked To Smoking

186346449Smoking has never been good for us, no matter how cool James Dean made it look.

Now the cigarette habit has been linked to even more diseases and deaths than previously thought.

The latest report by the Surgeon General, recently published in USA Today, finds that smoking causes a slew of diseases, including diabetes, liver cancer and … Read More

Taller People Are More Prone to Cancer

96312287People that are tall often attribute it to “good genes,” and they are right – genetics do have a large part to play in a person’s height. However, the results of a new study suggest that being tall may not actually be a ‘good’ gene—and the same genes responsible for being tall may contribute to an increased cancer … Read More

How to Calculate Your Cancer Risk

160634601  Almost everyone has had a frightening experience with cancer, either directly or indirectly. If you’re like most people, you would do anything to lower your cancer risk. Approximately 1 in 8 American women and 1 in 9 Canadian women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. A woman who has a high breast cancer risk is also … Read More

Could Pepsi or Cola Give You Cancer?

104694202Of the popular beverages around the world, Coca-Cola and Pepsi generate billions of retail sales annually. However, in 2012, California passed a law mandating that all drinks containing a certain amount of cancer-causing ingredients must include a cancer risk warning on their labels. One such ingredient to be listed was the caramel coloring agent ammonia sulfite, or 4-Mel, … Read More

Is Your Acid Reflux A Precursor to Cancer?

Heartburn pain Heartburn pain Heartburn painEver get that burning sensation down your chest after eating a big meal? If you suffer from acid reflux, you know how uncomfortable it can be. But what you may not know is that, according to the newest research, your acid reflux could also be creating an uncomfortable increase in your risk for certain diseases.

Heartburn occurs when … Read More

Number 1 Lady Killer No Longer Age-Discriminates – A Growing Epidemic of Breast Cancer Among Younger Women

152025441For years, cancer statistics have shown that the average age for first diagnosis of breast cancer in women is over the age of 50. Now new research is revealing that cancer in younger women is on the rise – and it isn’t necessarily early stage breast cancer. A national study published in The Journal of the American Medical … Read More

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