Men are More Likely to Die From Cancer

agingIn the gender battle for who is more physically fit, the male/female war could continue indefinite. But when it comes to one of the big players within the health industry, there is one specific gender who has a real uphill battle when it comes to maintaining their good health into their golden years.

Cancer is an illness than afflicts and kills millions of people every year. And there is tireless research on learning more about cancer risk, and trying to find a cancer cure. But when it comes to who is most likely to be diagnosed with cancer, the gender who sees significant downfalls, is men. Not only are men more likely than women to be diagnosed the life threatening group of diseases, but they are also more likely to die from the illness.

A Cancer Cure Might Be a Ways Off – But Researchers are Alarmed


According to the analysis of a number of gender specific cancers (such as breast and prostate cancer) men were the gender most likely to succumb to their disease than women in the past decade. The findings of this report appeared in the Journal Urology.

Researchers and healthcare practitioners say they are very concerned because the results show that the men are doing considerably worse which could be a matter of not taking preventative measures against cancer risk, genetic factors or something that needs to be looked at within the healthcare system itself.

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There is a small glimmer of hope found within the research however, using United States cancer registry information from the period of 2003-2012 researchers made note that the rate of cancer related deaths has actually fallen off within the past 10 years or so, to the tune of 10%. However the fact remains that of those who did die from cancer, the numbers were quite a bit higher with men than women.

The Results and Why a Cancer Cure is Needed Fast

The results showed that of men with any type of cancer, there was a 6% higher chance they would die from their disease. However, when compared to women with the same type of cancer, that rose to higher than 12%.

Researchers say that while a cancer cure may be a ways off, men could have a whole slew of reasons why they are more likely to die earlier, and not just from cancer or cancer risk.

Men traditionally have a higher rate of poor lifestyle behaviors including smoking and drinking. They are also less likely to make regular scheduled visits to see a doctor, which can mean that cancer, alongside many other diseases could be diagnosed after it is too late. Some researchers have made mention of the idea that sex hormones could be at play, too. And another possibility, though more research will need to be done, is that there could be major differences with the overall immune system of men, as opposed to women.


Doctors say with any man, or woman, regular visits are very important to ensure proper care and up to date screening practices are in place, in hopes of a higher rate of longevity overall.


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