Helps to support and promote bladder and urinary health
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Product Description

Bladder Rescue has eight ingredients that can help support your bladder and urinary health. Working to promote overall health and wellbeing.  

Health Benefits:

  • Helps support bladder health
  • Helps promote urinary health
  • Helps to support overall health
  • Contains antioxidants

Product Details

Each capsule contains:
Water Soluble Pumpkin Seed Extract262.5 mg
Soy Germ Isoflavones50 mg
Vinpocetine7.5 mg
Magnesium Citrate10 mg
Cranberry Concentrate200 mg
Vitamin D3200 IU
Vitamin C40 mg
Vitamin B121.25 mcg
Servings & Directions:
DIRECTIONSAdult take two capsules daily. One in the morning and one at night.
WARNINGSThis product contains soy, which can influence estrogen levels. If you have estrogen dependent conditions consult a health care practitioner before use. Consult your health care practitioner prior if you have blood pressure issues.

Bladder Rescue Testimonials


I am letting you know that these are amazing products. I’m delighted with Bladder Rescue and 20/20 Vision. Thank you so very, very much.


I have previously ordered Bladder Rescue, and I love it!! I could not imagine being without it. It is now part of my daily routine.

I am praying that I love the Hearing Rescue I just received as much Bladder Rescue.

Thank you!


At 82 years I am well pleased with Bladder Rescue. I have been taking Bladder Rescue for 3 months and would not trade it for anything. Thank you so much.


Was I ever glad to hear about Bladder Rescue in the mail Your Bladder Rescue has made a new woman of me – and I am 80 years of age.

I previously wrote you about the difference Bladder Rescue makes in my life, and wanted to write you again. Thank you.


Just a few words to let you know that I have been very satisfied with products I get from Bel Marra. I’m especially thrilled with the way Bladder Rescue has helped me.

*Individual results may vary.

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