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Hypoglycemia alert: How low is your blood sugar?

symptoms-of-hypoglycemiaAre you feeling shaky and weak? Nervous and sweating for no apparent reason? It could be hypoglycemia – low blood sugar – a symptom, just like fever, that signals something is wrong with your health.

When it comes to the early signs of hypoglycemia, and what causes hypoglycemia, diabetics already have an understanding of the condition. They know … Read More

Diabetic? Easy ways to cut down on hidden sugar

cut-down-hidden-sugarUndeniably, sugar is everywhere. It seems impossible not to consume sugar at any given moment. From naturally occurring sugar found in fruits to artificial sugars that can be found in junk food and soft drinks, we are living in a sugar-induced society.

Reducing sugar intake to stay healthy

But all this sugar can be problematic. Not only does … Read More

Can’t sleep? You’re at risk for diabetes

sleep-linked-to-diabetesIt seems like there’s not enough time in a day to get everything we need to do done. So instead of putting tasks off until tomorrow, we stay up later, encroaching on our sleep time.

It may not seem like a big deal now to skimp on some shuteye, but over time, this has a negative impact on … Read More

Simple steps for preventing diabetes

prevent-diabetes-naturallyWe all know that diabetes is a disease where there is excess sugar in the blood. Why is it there? How can I prevent it? Why does everyone not get it? All good questions. And I’ll try and answer all of them here. Let me start by explaining the causes of diabetes without getting too technical.

Understanding diabetes… Read More

Smart phones, smart cars and now…smart insulin

smart-insulin-to-treat-diabetesJust imagine: Instead of repeated blood tests and injections to keep blood sugar and diabetes in check every day, a single dose of “smart” insulin could circulate in the body and turn on whenever needed.

Breaking it down: Insulin for type 1 and type 2 diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes: Type 1 and type 2. … Read More

Healthy resolutions every diabetic should follow

health-tips-for-diabetesYou’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and are still not quite sure how to handle all the challenges it brings. Well, that’s not surprising, because it can come as a shock to some people how far off the mark they’ve been with diet and exercise.

Sitting too much and not getting 30 minutes or so of activity in at … Read More

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