Simple way to improve your memory

It’s important to keep your brain healthy, especially as you age. Mental decline is one of the most common symptoms of aging and it inflicts most, if not all, elderly people. With the elderly population on the rise, it’s important to promote a healthy brain. Most people get the feeling sometimes that they can’t forget here to read more

Study finds that a father’s brain behaves differently toward sons and daughters

Those who grew up with a sibling of the opposite sex may tell you that their parents treated them differently. Girls are usually treated more delicately while boys are treated rougher. According to a new psychological study, father’s brains respond differently when interacting with daughters versus sons. Fathers more affectionate toward daughters A study from here to read more

Another reason chocolate is good for your health

There are a few indulgences that we will never tire of, and chocolate is the best example. An age-old treat that’s exquisite in its simplicity, chocolate is definitely everyone’s favorite. A perfect complement to a cup of espresso… a nice token of appreciation… the ultimate antidepressant… the list of its versatile usages and praiseworthy qualities here to read more

New treatment for common bowel disorders

Just go with your gut… What does your gut feeling tell you?… Do you have the guts to do it?… In all these cases, when we mention “guts” we usually imply intuition or, as in the latter example, courage. When we’re making a cool-headed decision, we’re using our logic and reason—in other words, our brain here to read more

Walking increases blood circulation to the brain

When somebody mentions the word exercise, usually we imagine heart-pumping workouts or lifting heavy weights. We associate such intense activities with exhaustion that one would feel after a training session which leaves us less inclined to the idea of exercise at all. What most people do not realize is that walking is a great form here to read more

Brain hormone found to trigger fat burn

Researchers from The Scripps Research Institute have found a specific hormone that may trigger fat burning. The new study was published in Nature Communications, and it identified a connection between the neuropeptide hormone FLP-7 and serotonin, which led specifically to fat burning. To conduct their study, assistant professor Surpriya Srinivasan and research associate Lavinia Palamiuc here to read more

Recovery after stroke improved with new treatment that creates nerve synapses in the brain, a key factor for learning: Study

Stroke recovery can be improved with a new treatment that creates new nerve synapses – essential for learning – in the brain. Researcher Marcela Pekna explained, “More nerve sprouts and connections between nerve cells are created so that the remaining cells can take over functions that the dead cells once had.” The researchers focused on here to read more

Cognition and brain structure affected by dysglycemia in older adults: Study

Cognition and brain structure can be affected by dysglycemia – blood glucose abnormalities – in older adults. The researchers conducted a cross-sectional and longitudinal cohort study, examining the association of dysglycemia with cognitive function. The researchers found that dysglycemia correlated with a higher number of brain infarcts, white matter hyperintensities volume, and decreased total white here to read more

Cognition in older adults improved with moderate post-lunch napping: Study

Cognition in older adults may be improved with moderate post-lunch napping, according to a study. The researchers analyzed self-reported data on napping habits along with cognitive assessments of older Chinese adults. The participants were categorized into one of the following groups based on their napping behavior: non-nappers (0 minutes), short nappers (less than 30 minutes), here to read more