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The Pandemic Has Damaged Livers

Data suggests that people were drinking early in the pandemic. And that they were drinking a lot. There is plenty of data to show how much. Earlier reports suggested that U.S. alcohol sales rose 54 percent in the pandemic’s first week alone. But what does that look like from a health perspective? Of course, there here to read more

Will A “Dry” January Do Your Liver Any Good?

Although many have been doing it for years, there is a recent surge in the popularity of abandoning alcohol to begin the year. But is “dry” January really doing any good? The short-term New Year’s resolution may actually offer some health benefits, particularly to heavy drinkers. Those who drink moderately, however, are unlikely to experience here to read more

Role of Exercise to Protect against Fatty Liver Associated Diseases

Exercise can play a great role in preventing the development of fatty liver disease. A new study from the German Center for diabetes research (DZD) has shown which molecular adaptations of the liver mitochondria are observed during exercise. Some mice were fed a high-energy diet for this study, while others received regular treadmill training. After here to read more


Cases of Deadly Liver Disease Are on the Rise

Most people associate liver disease with alcoholism or hepatitis. In the past, that may have applied. These days, however, obesity is the primary driver of liver disease. And it’s killing people. Advanced fatty liver disease, which is brought on by excessive fat levels in the liver, can boost a person’s risk of dying by seven here to read more

Alcohol Alternatives for Liver Health

People in many parts of North America are looking for ways to stay warm as the temperatures drop. Some will use alcohol to help them reach their goal. The occasional drink isn’t likely to cause any long-term health damage. Sticking to one or two per day, depending on your size and weight, is likely safe. here to read more

Make These Changes to Your Diet to Live Healthier

Simple changes to a daily diet could make a big difference in overall health. A new study published in the journal Nature Food suggests that certain foods can create net beneficial or detrimental health burdens, which could ultimately lead to time taken off of life. The study evaluated more than 5,800 foods, ranking them by here to read more

Love Your Liver

Your liver is the unsung hero of your body. It’s something that keeps you moving, although it’s unlikely you’d ever stop to think about it. It’s like your mail carrier or internet provider: you barely notice it when it’s functioning, but are in big trouble when it’s gone. The only difference might be that your here to read more

Study Suggest That Good Cholesterol Might Help Protect Liver

The body’s good cholesterol may offer liver protection, according to new research from the Washington University School of Medicine. The study suggests that one type of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) may protect the liver by blocking inflammatory signals produced by common gut bacteria. HDL cholesterol is known to pick up excess cholesterol in the blood and here to read more