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Liver Health Fact from Fiction

Navigating liver health can be challenging. Countless products tell you they can help “cleanse” your liver to keep it healthy, particularly following a period of overindulgence. Hey, it’s nice to have a backup plan if you’re planning on drinking too many beverages or taking back a tub of ice cream, right? But let’s get real here to read more

The Pandemic and Your Liver

If you’ve been doing everything right to limit your risk for COVID-19, there may be one thing that you simply can’t defend against: its effect on your mental health. A recent survey from the American Psychological Association (APA) found that many Americans are gaining weight and drinking more as a means of coping with the here to read more

Do You Have A Fatty Liver?

Everybody has those frustrating areas where no matter what you do, the fat just won’t disappear. It could be your arms, your sides, or your chin. Of course, you can see that so you know it’s there. Further, the fat on your chin or your arms isn’t really harmful to your health. The fat around here to read more


Foods That Can Help Your Liver Now

What you eat and drink can have a profound effect on your liver health. That easily translates into overall health. Your liver plays a significant role in overall health and functionality. It plays a key role in metabolism and nutrient absorption and removes waste and toxins from your body. When it’s not functioning optimally, bad here to read more

Are You Living for Liver Wellness?

If your liver is healthy, there is a good chance you are too. In fact, some say that your health goes as your liver does. Your liver is a vital organ. Among its chief responsibilities are processing and filtering nutrients and toxins. It helps ensure you’re getting what you need and getting rid of the here to read more

A Green Mediterranean (MED) Diet Reduces Fat and Lowers Risk Of NAFLD

New research shows how effective a green Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of non-alcoholic fatter liver disease (NAFLD). According to a long-term clinical intervention trial led by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers and a team of international colleagues, this specific type of diet is far superior to others for reducing intrahepatic fat. The here to read more

Give Thanks to Your Liver This Holiday Season

Your liver is going to be working a lot of overtime during the next month. Here’s how you can help it out. According to Beverage Daily, Americans increase drinking habits by 100% between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. This year, the parties and get-togethers will be virtual. But they might not be any less frequent. The here to read more

Does This Liver Detox Trend Do Anything?

The liver detox trend is an amazing phenomenon. All-juice cleanses and detox diets have been all the rage the past few years. And recently, there’s been a new player on the scene: activated charcoal. Your liver is pretty resilient organ. It has to be—it’s responsible for filtering and metabolizing toxins and nutrients. If it were here to read more

Is This the Key to a Healthy Liver?

Liver health is a growing concern. It used to be that if you watched your alcohol intake and didn’t partake in other risky behaviors, you could probably have a pretty good run with your most resilient organ. Then things changed. Let’s put it this way: the food you were eating as a kid and a here to read more