4 ways to improve liver function

4 ways to improve liver functionA healthy liver can increase your energy, give you clear skin, and even positively affect your mood and mind. While it’s common knowledge that too much alcohol can damage your liver, we don’t often think about what promotes liver health. Below are four healthy habits to improve your liver’s function that will leave you reaping the benefits.

4 ways to improve liver function

Change your diet. Just like alcohol, consuming an excess of inflammatory foods with sugars and fats can damage your liver. Change up your diet and be sure to include plenty of leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, fresh herbs, and antioxidant-rich fruits to encourage better liver function and prevent damage from occurring. Try to limit and avoid items that contain caffeine and alcohol, sugary drinks and snacks, and refined grains in order to reduce inflammation. (The miracle berry that can revitalize your cells, boost blood circulation, PLUS energize YOUR entire body!)


Get in the kitchen. Choosing the right ingredients is only the first step toward eating better to promote healthy liver function. Avoid overcooking meats and adopt the “low and slow” method—meaning meats should be cooked slowly at a low temperature in order to avoid creating any potentially toxic byproducts that can wreak havoc on your liver. Charring and grilling at high heats as well as pan frying meats in chemically coated pans can also create these harmful byproducts, making your liver work harder and potentially causing damage.

Manage stress. Chronic stress can affect your endocrine, reproductive, digestive, and immune systems, and may cause an increase in inflammation that negatively affects your liver. Learning to cope and manage stress properly may reduce inflammation and, in turn, potentially reduce the risk of liver damage.
Exercise. Getting your heart pumping and increasing circulation can help your liver better process and detoxify blood, which it then releases to your brain, organs, tendons, and joints. This increased circulation can provide a host of benefits to your bodily systems. (Siberian Secret refuels your energy from within.)

Simple ways to enhance your liver function include eating more anti-inflammatory foods, preparing these foods properly, learning to manage stress, and exercising regularly. Follow one or more of these tips in order to better the health of your liver and experience benefits like clear skin and increased energy.

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