Following Alternate Day Fasting Diet Can Benefit People With Fatty Liver Disease

Intermittent fasting concept and calorie restriction or autophagy diet symbol nutrition concept and binge eating disorder with an open clock icon releasing food with 3D illustration elements.When it comes to treating certain health conditions like nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, traditional diet and exercise plans aren’t realistic options for everyone. Alternate-day fasting (ADF) is a safe and effective form of intermittent fasting that provides patients with an alternative approach to improving their overall health and well-being.

Here, we will explore what alternate-day fasting is all about and its potential benefits for those dealing with liver fat.


What is Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) occurs when there is a build-up of oily fat deposits in the liver. To make matters worse, this accumulation of fat causes inflammation and can even lead to organ damage over time. Surprisingly, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease doesn’t have to be caused by excessive drinking — it can affect those who drink their alcoholic beverages in moderation or even abstain from alcohol altogether.

If left unchecked, NAFLD can lead to complications such as liver failure or cirrhosis. Although nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is sometimes linked to extreme obesity and type 2 diabetes, regular activity and healthy eating habits are important steps to reduce the risk of developing this condition.

What is Alternate Day Fasting?

Alternate-day fasting (ADF) has recently become a popular way to lose weight and improve overall health. It is a type of intermittent fasting where individuals fast every other day. During the days when an individual is fasting, they may eat little to no food, typically 500 calories or less on that day.

On the days when they are not fasting, they can eat normally. This way of dieting can provide many benefits due to short-term calorie restriction and reduced inflammation in the body. Studies have shown that alternate-day fasting can result in weight loss over time but also bring about improvements in overall health such as reductions in cholesterol levels and improved insulin sensitivity.
The Study

The study published in Cell Metabolism involved organizing participants into one of four groups; an alternate-day fasting group, an aerobic exercise group, a combined group, and a control group (where participants made no changes to their lifestyle behaviors). Participants in the exercise groups used an elliptical machine in a lab for one hour five days a week, and those in the diet groups tracked their food intake.

The conclusion of the study was said to be “pretty amazing” by study author Krista Varady.

“When we compared the results of our study groups, we saw clearly that the most improved patients were in the group that followed the alternate-day fasting diet and exercised five days a week. The people who only dieted or only exercised did not see the same improvements, which reinforces the importance of these two relatively inexpensive lifestyle modifications on overall health and on combating chronic diseases like fatty liver disease.”


Researchers also noted that there were no serious safety events during the trial and that all participants were able to maintain the exercise and diet for the three-month study. This may be a good indication that alternative fasting could be an excellent option for people with fatty liver disease who want to improve their health by losing weight and eating healthier without using medications.

Maximizing Liver Performance

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