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Dental cleaning doesn’t just improve oral health, boosts lung health, too

Seeing the dentist won’t just keep your teeth white and healthy, new findings suggest that dental cleaning may improve lung health, too. The findings uncovered that regular dental cleaning can reduce the risk of pneumonia by reducing bacteria that can lead to lung infections. Roughly one million Americans develop pneumonia each year and roughly 50,000 here to read more

Cognitive decline in older adults may be slowed with better oral hygiene and regular dental visits: Study

Cognitive decline in older adults may be slowed with better oral hygiene and regular dental visits. The researchers reviewed data from cross-sectional and longitudinal studies conducted between 1993 and 2013. Some studies found that oral health measures like the number of teeth, the number of cavities, and the presence of periodontal disease were associated with here to read more

Psoriasis-affected people face increased risk of gum disease (periodontitis): Study

Psoriasis-affected people face an increased risk of gum disease (periodontitis), according to research. A study conducted in Norway looked at 50 people with moderate to severe psoriasis and compared them to 121 people without the skin condition. Each participant underwent an oral exam, and the researchers found that periodontitis was more prevalent among those with here to read more

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) risk lower with poor oral health, dental plaques reduce Crohn’s disease risk: Study

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) risk is lower with poor oral health. The recent research based on a Swedish population-based cohort study has come up to a surprising conclusion: Poor oral health was associated with a reduced risk of developing IBD. Increased IBD prevalence in the Western world is usually explained by the hygiene hypothesis, suggesting here to read more


Itchy throat causes and home remedies

An itchy throat can be quite irritating, but if it’s causing you trouble you’re not alone – in fact, a scratchy or itchy throat is a very common ailment. More often than not, an itchy throat isn’t too serious, but it can be symptomatic to other ailments, which may require medical attention. Here we will here to read more

Pneumonia risk doubles in elderly wearing dentures overnight: Study

Pneumonia risk doubles in elderly sleeping in dentures. Poor oral health is a risk factor for pneumonia among seniors. Researchers at the Nihon University School of Dentistry in Japan investigated association between several oral health behaviors and the risk of pneumonia among the elderly. At the beginning of the study, 524 randomly selected seniors were here to read more

Low libido? It could be this…

There are many factors that can contribute to low libido, including stress, fatigue, heart disease, and even mental illness. These factors are well known and there are often simple solutions to fix them. But research has shown a more surprising cause of low libido you may not have considered before. The good news is, it here to read more