More Good News for Wine Drinkers

wine oral careWhen it comes to wine and health, the debate is endless. Some studies suggest a few glasses of wine a week are completely healthy and can be part of a healthy living program. On the other hand, other studies have quite the opposite to say. With so many conflicting stories, it’s hard to know for sure whether wine is healthy for you are not.

Well, here’s another story you can add to the list…


Spanish researchers now suggest that wine drinkers may be less inclined to develop gum disease and tooth decay.

The antioxidants in wine — the ones that are often researched — may offer potentially protective effects to oral health by preventing damaging microbes from attaching to the gums.

Sounds great, right? Well, before you start using wine as mouthwash, consider this.

The study focuses on specifically isolating certain molecules in wine and using them to protect oral health.

Unfortunately, too much wine drinking can actually lead to tooth damage because of the acid. Over time, this acid can wear away at enamel and actually be quite damaging.


Once again, there is another study that suggests the polyphenols found in wine are good for your health, but sadly, there is always a catch!

The good news is that there are healthier options to obtain these antioxidants like green tea, berries, dark chocolate, or flaxseeds, which won’t leave you with a nasty headache the next day.

So what’s the verdict on wine? It’s not that easy to pick a side. If you must drink, keep it to a minimum and infrequently just to be safe and get some antioxidants but not all the harmful effects of alcohol.


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