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Is Too Much Sleep Making Your Memory Foggy?

Sleep and smarts go together like rest and relaxation. But can too much put your memory at risk? You’re likely heard of the association between poor...

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What’s the Big Deal with Sleep?

Adequate sleep is one of the pillars of health. Although doctors and specialists agree that quality sleep has an immense influence on overall health and wellness,...

Closeup of alarm clock with senior woman in deep sleep at home. Old woman sleeping in bed next to alarm clock in morning. Elderly woman sleeping in bedroom peacefully.

When Sleep Is Unhealthy

This may come as a huge surprise: sometimes napping can be unhealthy. I know it seems blasphemous to suggest that not all sleep is good sleep....

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Sleep to Stay Sharp

Can sleep keep your memory sharp? There seems to be little shortage of benefits to good sleep. It plays a critical role in overall health and...