Adults Sleeping Less than Five Hours a Night Linked with Multiple Chronic Diseases

Man sleeping on bed in bedroom at homeMany adults in the United States only get an average of five hours of sleep a night, which according to new research, may be linked with multiple chronic diseases. This lack of sleep not only puts your health at risk, but also your quality of life.

You can do many things to get more sleep, and it is essential to ensure that you get enough restorative sleep each night. Talk to your doctor if you are having trouble sleeping, as they may be able to recommend treatments or devices that can help you get more rest. You deserve to feel rested and healthy, so make sure you are getting the sleep you need!


According to a new study by UCL researchers, a consistent lack of sleep can greatly affect the risk of chronic diseases. The study examined the relationship in participants between sleep duration, mortality, and whether they had been diagnosed with two or more chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease over 25 years.

Researchers found that participants who were over the age of 50 and got five hours of sleep or less were 20% more likely to have been diagnosed with a chronic disease. They were also 40% more likely to be diagnosed with two or more chronic diseases over 25 years than people who slept up to seven hours.

It was also noted that sleeping for five hours or less over the age of 50 was linked to a 30% to 40% increased risk of multimorbidity compared to those who slept for up to seven hours.

The study continued to deliver bad news as researchers found that sleep duration of five hours or less in people over the age of 50 was associated with a 25% increased risk of mortality over 25 years. Researchers believe the increased risk of chronic diseases can explain this increase in mortality.

“As people get older, their sleep habits and sleep structure change. However, it is recommended to sleep for seven to eight hours a night—as sleep durations above or below this have previously been associated with individual chronic diseases, said lead author Dr. Severine Sabia.

“Our findings show that short sleep duration is also associated with multimorbidity.”


Getting enough sleep allows the body to rest. Without adequate sleep, the risk of heart disease and stroke also may be heightened due to increased blood pressure and inflammation.

Making Smart Lifestyle Choices

To help ensure a better night’s sleep, smart lifestyle choices must be made. These include avoiding large meals before bedtime, avoiding electronic devices at least two hours before going to sleep, getting plenty of physical activity, and being exposed to light during the day. It is also recommended to make sure the bedroom is dark, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature.

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