Quality of Sleep vs. Sleep Duration: Which Is Better for Health?

Clock on the bed in the morning.We all know that sleep is important for our health, but what is the best way to get the most benefit from our slumber? Is it more important to get a good night’s sleep each night or to sleep longer overall? Today, we’ll look at the research on the quality of sleep vs. sleep duration and see which is better for promoting health and well-being. Stay tuned!

According to new research published in the journal Sleep, adults who restricted sleep by two or more hours each night were more at risk for respiratory illnesses like flu and colds, but only when they reported sleep quality. This is the first time that sleep quality has been shown to have an essential role in the risk of infection.


For the study, the research team followed new military recruits and tracked their sleep patterns and health in the weeks during basic training, when recruits followed strict “to bed” and “wake-up” times. Over a thousand army recruits were involved in the study, and a doctor diagnosed respiratory infections during training.

On average, recruits had two fewer hours of sleep during military training than in civilian life. However, they still rated their sleep as “good quality.” The data showed that sleep restriction only increased respiratory infection in recruits reporting poor sleep quality. Those with good sleep quality were more protected against respiratory infection during sleep restriction, even when sleep quantity was restricted.

Researchers Dr. Ross Roberts said, “Although the research was conducted with male and female military recruits, the findings have wider relevance as many people chose to or find themselves sleeping fewer than the recommended number of hours, due to late night or early morning work and family commitments.”

Providing Optimal Sleep and Restfulness

As this research shows, getting quality sleep is vital for many aspects of health, and previous research has found that insufficient sleep can also be detrimental to health.

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