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The best and worst foods to eat after 50

If you’re a woman over the age of 50, you are either experiencing menopause or have completed it. Menopause is considered a substantial change in a woman’s life because frankly, it brings with it many changes. Not only does a woman’s menstrual cycle come to an end, but estrogen levels drop, which has a large here to read more

Do men go through menopause?

When you hear the word menopause, you probably think of the change in a woman’s life, but did you know that men over 50 undergo their own type of menopause? The term “male menopause” is being used to describe the symptoms that men experience over the age of 50. The main difference between male menopause here to read more


Estrogen levels linked to depression risk in women: Study

Depression is a constant sadness affecting our activity level, behavior, thoughts, feelings, and sense of well-being. Those affected often feel empty and worthless, which could lead to erratic behavior or even suicide. There are numerous causes for the development of depression such as negative life events, psychiatric illness, or it could even be substance induced. here to read more

This is what happens to your body as you age

Both men and women experience unique changes as they age, but women, in particular, go through a change that causes unwanted side effects. This change is known as menopause, and it typically occurs in females in their 50s. During menopause, estrogen levels begin to decrease, menstruation stops, and, as mentioned, a slew of unwanted side here to read more

Home remedies for common aging women’s problems

Menopause… it’s a word many women dread and don’t really like to use. But in reality, it’s not the transition itself that is bothersome and uncomfortable. Postmenopausal women would confess that they feel relief not having their lives dictated by their menstrual cycle. What’s worrying for women undergoing this change are the symptoms. The legendary here to read more

Stop believing these common health myths

We are all different—from health advantages and predispositions we inherit from our parents to lifestyle choices we make every single day, there are so many factors that shape us and our health. Take menopause, for example. Until a woman actually enters this time of transition (which, by the way, is a completely normal and natural here to read more

How to get rid of menopausal hot flashes

If you’re a woman in her 50s and are going through menopause, you may have experienced the dreaded hot flash, one of menopauses most common symptoms. A hot flash is a sudden feeling of intense heat, usually felt in the face, neck, and chest. These areas could turn red and you might sweat profusely, resulting in here to read more