Natural remedies for some of your most common symptoms

menopause natural waysLadies… unlike men, you undergo a drastic change as you age, and it’s known as menopause. Whether you’re just starting menopause (known as perimenopause), smack dab in the middle of it, or have gone through it, there are some nasty symptoms attached to it that can make day to day life quite challenging. Furthermore, changes that occur during menopause can have lasting effects on health, such as weakening bones or heart.

Unfortunately, menopause is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it. There are natural things you can do to help ease menopause-related symptoms and ensure you’re protecting yourself from future health problems too.


Below you will uncover some of those remedies to better deal with menopause symptoms.

Natural solutions to menopause-related symptoms

Insomnia: Not getting a good night’s sleep can have a negative effect on your health. Not only do you feel tired, but this can have lasting consequences on your body’s other systems, including the digestive system and the heart. Doctors recommend taking a warm bath prior to bed with valerian or chamomile. If soaking in a tub isn’t your thing, you can enjoy both as tea. You’ll also want to ensure that your bedroom is conducive to sleep, meaning that it’s dark, a comfortable temperature, and that your bed itself is okay.

Bone concerns: The decline of estrogen during menopause can lead bones to become weaker, increasing the risk of fractures and breaks. Not only will you want to increase your calcium and vitamin D intake, but engaging in weight-bearing exercises will help too.
Hot flashes: Random outbreaks of sweating can be quite uncomfortable, so experts suggest eating foods that contain soy. It’s believed that soy can help relieve hot flashes, but speak to your doctor beforehand. Soy can pose a risk to women who have a history of breast cancer in the family.

Another remedy for hot flashes is black cohosh, but make sure when purchasing this natural remedy that you get the real deal.

Mood swings: You can help combat mood swings by exercising regularly, eating small meals throughout the day that are rich in protein, trying yoga or meditation, or consuming chaste berry or black cohosh.


Vaginal dryness: Due to declining estrogen levels, many women experience vaginal dryness. It can be very uncomfortable, especially during sex. Doctors recommend estrogen-based products such as creams or tablets to remedy it. You will also want to avoid soaps, bubble baths, and douches in order to prevent exacerbating the issue. If you’re really concerned about estrogen-based products, you can speak to your doctor.

Although symptoms related to menopause can be uncomfortable and affect your daily life, you don’t have to suffer as long as you make these simple lifestyle changes to improve symptoms.

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