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Posts Tagged ‘heart disease’

Heart Disease Linked With Body Aches And Pains

Monday, Apr. 7, 2014


How’s your heart these days? Beating strong and filled with love and joy might be the goal, but the odds are against you when it comes to heart health.

By the year 2020, in fact, medical experts estimate that almost 40 percent of all deaths worldwide will be related to cardiovascular disease. So the push is on to unravel the causes and enforce prevention. As research continues, more evidence suggests that there is a link between heart disease and chronic …

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Eat For Your Heart: Don’t Skimp On Healthy Fat

Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014

178538469Olives, fish and fruits and vegetables, please, fill my plate!

More and more, scientists are finding that people who adopt a Mediterranean diet experience a lower risk of cardiovascular-related death than those who follow a strictly low-fat diet.

In a recent study published this February in the American Journal of Medicine, researchers analyzed data on diet and heart disease dating all the way back to 1957. Headed by Dr. James E. Dalen of the Weil Foundation and the University …

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Do One Simple Thing To Protect Your Heart

Monday, Feb. 17, 2014

451680173Too many burgers and French fries with a donut chaser aren’t doing your ticker any favors. In moderation, please!

In fact, poor diet is setting you up for heart disease and stroke, and it’s bound to catch up with you – given the odds. Cardiovascular disease accounts for one in three deaths in the United States.

As a wake-up call, the American Heart Association (AHA) has released new guidelines for heart disease and stroke prevention. The dietary advice? “Emphasize fruits, …

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Not So Sweet Truth About Sugar And Your Heart

Friday, Feb. 14, 2014

89677606Did you know that too much sugar not only makes us fatter, but a lot sicker, too? In fact, new evidence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly suggests that sugar is harmful to our tickers, in particular.

Examining data from 31,000 people — those who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey over 15 years — researchers found that American adults consume more added sugar than is recommended for a healthy diet. And a …

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