Eating eggs won’t raise your cholesterol…?

Eating eggs won’t raise your cholesterol…?If you’re aiming for healthy cholesterol levels, you’re probably avoiding foods like eggs and butter. But research suggests those once banned foods are safe to eat again as they won’t harm your cholesterol numbers.

As you hit the age of 40, you are told time and again about the horrors of cholesterol as it contributes to heart attacks. The initial warnings came from the American Health and Food Care authorities. Since the 1960s, the U.S. government has backed the notion that cholesterol is bad. The ideology at the time made sense, as people began consuming more and more fat, so the rate of heart attacks was increasing. But today, it seems the U.S. government is taking a different stance on the cholesterol issue.


America’s top nutrition advisory panel is no longer cautious about consuming cholesterol-rich foods. Although five years ago, the same panel deemed cholesterol unhealthy, the ongoing research from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has helped shaped new recommendations regarding cholesterol.

Although the panel suggests that consuming high-cholesterol foods won’t necessarily cause heart attack, they do caution that consuming foods high in fat will contribute to heart disease. Still, those who already have heart problems should moderate their cholesterol intake and watch their diet.
It seems that in order to get Americans healthier they are advised to swap out fat with carbohydrates. Unfortunately, even carbohydrates can lead to sickness and weight gain. With so many of the carbohydrates coming from processed sources, Americans are still developing heart disease and diabetes.

Although eating eggs, butter, and cheese may be considered okay for now, we should still watch our diets and be on the lookout for products that can make us sick. Moderating portion sizes and steering clear of foods that are heavily processed and laden with sugar is always a good idea.

Even if you do choose to eat cholesterol-rich foods, don’t overdo it. No matter how much you enjoy your favorite meals, your health should always come first.


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