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Whey Protein to Keep Cholesterol in Check

What do you think about protein shakes? I’m not talking about plant-based protein shakes, either. I’m talking about whey protein. The stuff bodybuilders guzzle after a...

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Does Red Meat Age Arteries?

Red meat remains controversial. For a long time, it was viewed as a significant source of saturated fat that contributes to high cholesterol. Identified as a...

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What to Do When Dieting Goes Wrong

People diet for a lot of reasons. Some for aesthetic purposes, while others are trying to get an existing health condition under control. But results often...

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Why Should You Care about Cholesterol?

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about cholesterol and the importance of keeping it in check. High cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis, making it harder for...

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Lowering Cholesterol with Dietary Fat

“Fat” gets a bad rep and it’s unfair. It’s true that being overweight or having a high percentage of body fat can lead to a host...