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Mashed potatoes with gravy, traditional side dish for Thanksgiving

Sneaky Foods That Might Boost Cholesterol

Some foods look like they will raise cholesterol. But others don’t. That’s where the danger comes in. There’s little question that a greasy slab of meat-lovers...

Doctor holding fresh fruit and vegetable, Healthy diet, Nutrition food as a prescription for good health. (Selective Focus)

How Quickly Can You Lower Cholesterol?

Lowering cholesterol takes effort. It requires a multi-faceted approach centered around diet, lifestyle, and, if needed, medication. But how long does it take to lower cholesterol?...

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Why You Need Strong Muscles, and How to Get Them

Your muscles support you in virtually everything you do. So, why aren’t you supporting them? Muscle building is often viewed as a specialty hobby—something practiced by...

Clipboard with written prescription statins and stethoscope.

Struggling with Statins? This Might Help

There’s little question that statins can help control cholesterol. But that can come at a price. Yes, they can reduce heart attack and stroke risk, but...