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Summer Superfoods

Summer superfoods are here, and for the first time in a year, you can take advantage of your region’s seasonal offerings. It’s an exciting time, indeed. The availability of seasonal produce means you’re able to get freshly-picked food almost instantly. Farmer’s markets, neighborhood grocers, and farms themselves will have the most nutrient-dense seasonal fruits and here to read more

5 Springtime Foods You Should Be Eating

It’s always best to eat foods when they’re in season because that’s when they’re at their prime, and fewer chemicals are used to harvest them. Spring is a great time to clean up your winter diet and add more vibrant colored foods that grow this time of year. Some may call these foods as superfoods here to read more

Does Your Body Need Spring Cleaning?

With better weather ahead, many of us take part in spring cleaning. We open the windows and doors to freshen up our living spaces. This concept of cleaning out the old and creating the new for spring can apply to your body too. Our body is equipped to cleanse itself on the regular thanks to here to read more


Why You Need to Change Your Morning Routine

Many of us start our day off with a cup of coffee as it helps give our energy levels a boost. But that pick-me-up beverage could be wrecking your gut and waistline. This is because many of us don’t drink our coffee mindfully and fill a generally healthy drink with milk, sweeteners, and other additives here to read more

Superfoods that boost circulation

Healthy blood circulation is an integral part of healthy living because blood works similar to gasoline in a car. When your car is lacking gasoline, it cannot run, or if there is a problem with the car preventing the gasoline from getting to the engine, it will not run as efficiently as it normally would. here to read more

10 foods that wreck your mood

Diet plays a large role in all aspects of health, even mood. You may think that your brain—or heart—are solely responsible for your happiness and sadness, but what you eat can also have an effect on this as well. This is because when you eat a diet low in nutrients and high in sugar, this here to read more

Why you should be eating more bananas

Unfortunately, heart disease still remains the number one killer in America, even though many of its risk factors are preventable. Not smoking, reducing stress, eating well, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and watching your cholesterol and blood pressure are all some preventable ways you can reduce your risk of heart disease. Specific to diet here to read more

Study finds broccoli promotes a healthy gut

Most of us don’t like eating vegetables. They are generally devoid of flavor, can be quite bitter, and even come in some unsightly shades of green. But like it or not, vegetables are good for you, as they have more vitamins and nutrients that the body absolutely requires and can be great for the digestive here to read more

Can foods lower heart rate?

Some people have a heart rate that is faster than normal, which can cause high blood pressure or heart failure. However, some foods can lower heart rate and are being recommended more often to those whose heartbeat is rapid. High heart rate is a condition that is rising among North Americans. When a person’s heartbeat here to read more

Fall foods that can help your hearing

We are very much into fall now—look around and you will see the leaves changing, the temperature getting cooler, and the sun setting much earlier. Along with these changes come fall foods. It’s recommended to eat foods when they are in season as they are more readily available, which means they are less likely to here to read more

7 foods that fight fatigue

We all get tired every now and then. Some of us wake up tired, others feel that three o’clock crash, while others experience fatigue throughout their day. There are several reasons we feel tired, such as an underlying medical condition, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and a bad diet. Diet plays a large role in here to read more

Almonds found to improve HDL function

Almonds are not only a convenient bite sized snack, they’re also packed with so much nutritional value that they’ve been coined a super food. Previous studies have found that almonds decrease heart disease risk by keeping blood vessels healthy. They’re also rich in antioxidants and help lower blood pressure. New research now adds an additional here to read more