7 foods that fight fatigue

energy foodsWe all get tired every now and then. Some of us wake up tired, others feel that three o’clock crash, while others experience fatigue throughout their day. There are several reasons we feel tired, such as an underlying medical condition, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and a bad diet. Diet plays a large role in our energy levels, so eating the right foods can ward off fatigue and help you feel energized throughout your day.

You may feel that you’re the only person who feels fatigued, but in fact, nearly 40 percent of people report all day tiredness. If you’ve seen your doctor and your tiredness is not attributed to a medical condition, then you may want to take a closer look at your diet as a possible source of your tiredness.

7 foods that combat fatigue


Tea: Many of us grab coffee for a jolt of energy, but tea is a great resource too. Not only do some teas contain energy-boosting caffeine, but they contain other components that promote energy. Some studies have found that tea can
ward of tiredness better than coffee.

Almonds: For some, tiredness may be attributed to a magnesium deficiency, and almonds are high in magnesium. Along with magnesium, almonds also contain other energy-boosting ingredients including antioxidants to help improve your energy levels.

Whole wheat foods: Many products like bread, pasta, and rice are made with bleached wheat or rice, which rank high on the glycemic index. This refers to the rate at which sugar levels are impacted by a food. When a food has a high glycemic index, your sugar levels will spike, causing you to feel energized. This energy is temporary and soon after you’ll be even more tired than before. It’s important to eat foods with a low glycemic index so that you don’t experience this spike and drop in sugar levels. Whole grain foods have a lower glycemic index, making them better for you and your energy levels.

Bananas: Bananas contain natural fructose, which produces glucose and provides energy. On the other hand, bananas also contain sucrose, which is a slower absorbing sugar. This prevents the spike and crash in energy mentioned above.

Yogurt: The carbohydrates in yogurt are metabolized quickly and so you will feel a burst of energy. Yogurt also contains protein which helps sustain energy levels.

Fish: Fish is high in essential amino acids that can work to promote energy levels.


Chocolate: If you’re a chocolate lover, then you’ll love to know that it can boost your energy levels—but the right type of chocolate is key. This means milk and white chocolate are no-gos. The dark variety is the way to go. Studies have found that those who consume dark chocolate experienced greater relief from tiredness and fatigue.

By incorporating these fatigue-fighting foods into your daily diet, you will begin to experience more energy.

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